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    Lesbobjectivism is a capitalist, minarchist, culturally progressive ideology.

    She is essentially a version Ayn Rand’s Objectivist philosophy that embraces a culturally progressive view. Particularly in the areas of LGBTQ rights and feminism (while traditional Objectivism tends to be hostile to both).



    • Objectivism - My main inspiration. (Why do you have to be such an uptight cultural conservative?)
    • Pink Capitalism - You have all the right ideas! Free market capitalism PLUS social progressivism.
    • Libertarian Feminism - We are so alike! Capitalism lets women get ahead and makes them more independent!
    • Classical Liberalism - A great economic ideology that changed the world for the better. I'm a huge fan of his.
    • Secularism - I am openly an atheist. Religion is ridiculous, and frequently reactionary. However, I support individual freedom, so if you want to be a bible thumper, go right ahead. Just don’t make your ridiculous religion official government policy. Stay out of my life and everyone else’s.
    • Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism - Another culturally progressive capitalist (you need to stop caring so much about poor people though.)
    • Minarchism - Less government, more freedom!
    • Transhelvetic Model - Based system of governance.
    • Men's Liberation - I support a man's right to be free from traditional gender roles if he desires. Although you're too compassionate for others most of the time. But overall, your ideology is based.
    • Progressivism - Progressive values is key to true freedom.


    • Pink Hoppeanism - Fellow LGBTQ, anti-socialist, capitalist. We do agree on a lot of things. But some of your ideas are stupid.
    • Exploding-Heart Libertarianism - Um...Yeah...your economic and cultural policies are really awesome. But CALM THE HELL DOWN!!!
    • Queer Anarchism - A member of the LGBTQ community who also hates big government and authority, but you are way too far to the left. Plus, you have this stupid idea of sharing things with people.
    • Anarcha-Feminism - Same goes for you babe.
    • State Liberalism - Woke capitalism is great and all, but you authoritarianism is absolutely horrendous.
    • Transilminism - I have the same problem with you as I do with your friend .
    • National Libertarianism - Your economics are based. But cultural conservatism is garbage. You also can be a real jerk.
    • Lesboxhaism - What the shit, damn commie bastard who wants to collectivize muh stuff, I do like your progressivism and queerness though, but watch your tits!


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