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    Lesaenktism is an authoritarian right ideology and the self insert ideology of Lesaeankt. It has heavy opposition to socialism and anarchism and believes they either lead to a hive-mind hyper authoritarian, hyper communalist dystopia or a chaotic, apocalyptic wasteland. It also believes that inequality is necessary and a good thing because being leftist goes against nature because the natural world is darwinistic. Hierarchy and competition exist in both nature and capitalism which allow the best to survive and preserve their purity and to purge the weak therefore Lesaenktism promotes off-compass social darwinism to prevent the weak from thriving. It believes that healthcare should be abolished because healthcare helps the weak. It believes that women should not have rights because they are meant to be submissive, feminine and weak. It also dislikes the lgbt+.




    • Darwinist.pngSocial Darwinism: Kill the weak!
    • Krater.pngKrateocracy: Subjugate the weak!
    • Plutocracy: The rich earn their place through strength and intelligence though they may end up becoming weak
    • Cap.pngCapitalism: Best economic system but it just happens to not subjugate the weak enough


    • Soc.pngSocialism: Why should the weak thrive?
    • Marx.pngMarxism: An altrustic equal society is dystopian, if the proles rise up against bourgs and succeed then that is strength but altruism and socialism makes them weak, meaning the only justified reason for an uprising would be for the leading proles become the bourgs they despised. Also you never worked a day in your life you lazy shit.
    • Template:NameQuarkism: You're asexual, you're genes are gonna be wiped out from not spreading them, you're an evolutionary failure.
    • Blartf.png Blartism: Trade Unions are bad because they want the weak to have nice things
    • Airisuism: Evil commie or 'Communalist' or whatever, you say that you're an 'ecologist' from the Bookchin dude but nature is in fact capitalist LOL..
    • Anarchism: Absolute chaos and disorganisation! There are two types of anarchists: One believes that 'we should take care of the weak and get rid of bad mean state' the other is a criminal lunatic. Abolishing hierarchy goes against nature, hierarchy exists in creatures such as ants and they have queens and none of the ants rise up against their queen anyway otherwise their colony would fail.

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