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    Left Videlaism It is an extreme left ideology that wants reconciliation between Videlaism and communism, seeing Peronism and capitalism as the main threat, it is also very authoritarian and likes to ride with opponents in the green falcon,It's like Videlaism, only it's the other way around. He hates capitalism and loves communism.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Left Videlaism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Make the Argentine flag and add a white circle in the center
    3. and then add a yellow hammer and sickle with orange borders
    4. Draw the military cap that Videla wore and replace the national emblem with a hammer and sickle in the center and above it make a small gray circle and draw a hammer and sickle
    5. Add eyes.

    And you're done!




    • Videlaism - my father, who taught me a lot about authoritarianism and the way to govern, but capitalism is shameful
    • National Capitalism - My grandfather, who taught me the same as my father but you are a nazi and a capitalist

    Green Falcon

    • File:EsotericPeron.png Esoteric Peronism - anti communist schizophrenic!
    • Kirchnerism - you accept false communists, damn capitalist!
    • Peronism - My father kicked your ass in 1976! You're also an anti-communist fascist!
    • Pinochetism - Traitorous degenerate Zionist pig! Argentina should have invaded you under the leadership of lieutenant general Jorge Rafael Videla!


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