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    The Left Party(Amonia) is the Ideology of the Left Party of Amonia Duuhhhh,His followers and politicians the Left party started in 1928 has a Leftist faction of the Amonian Revolution that fought the Venezuelan government and later they along with other parties would create the Federal Republic of Amonia the party itself have 4 presidents since John Lion The founder and the hero of the Left Party.

    John Lion

    John Lion was an British-Amonian syndicalist who was the president of Amonia from 1949 to 1953,He borned in United Kingdom in 1900 coming from a poor family in London,He would eventually be interested in Politics after his Parents go for a Protest in favour of the labour party,He got a diploma at university of harvard and moved to Venezuela in 1927 were he would marry his wife Jana Hernandez,He helped to fought against venezuela and later he became famous among the Left factions for being ruthless,Not so much time he would create he Left-Party and became the president after the election of 1948,His presidency was marked because of the low inflation rates and the creation of a welfare state in Amonia,During the 1953 elections he said he won't reelect as the president because he said it was "Immoral",So he let his VP Hidalgo Moreno as the president after the first term of John Lion,His life after politics was very influential he used the money he haved to make various philantropic organizations until he died in 1971 because of tumor cancer.

    Hidalgo Moreno

    Hidalgo Moreno was the sidekick and general of the Leftist factions of the amonian revolution,He became the VP of Lion's and after his renounce he becomed the President of Amonia,His presidency was marked because of the economic nationalism,Expanding Womans rights and trying to make good relations with neighbours

    Javier Mireno

    Javier mireno was the President of Amonia during 1988 to 1992,His presidency was marked because of Expanding on Civil Liberties,Economic Liberalization and with high approval rates nearly 78% of approval,He continued to be highly influential in the party after his presidency and people's consider him one of the best presidents

    Samir Fernandez

    Samir fernandez was the President of Amonia from 2000 to 2015,His presidency was marked because of the introduction of the LVT in the country,Legalization of recreational pot and also the ultra-low inflation for exemple a car costed 1200$ during Samir's government,He would have hitted 100% approval rate if it wasn't because of the Crisis of Domingo,Were Brazilian jets would hit a commercial plane in Amonia killing 63 people were Samir not even knowed about the Crisis until a week after,Decreasig his approval rates to 77%,He is still active in politics.



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