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    Left Corporatocracy is the ideology of Tony567.



    Corporate Democracy

    Corporate Democracy would work like this: People would vote for the National Board of Directors of Florida and the Board of Directors would in Turn Elect the CEO,COO,CF0,CTO,Etc




    Air Force

    Space Force


    List of all the Officers and what they do

    • CEO:Main person in charge
    • COO:In Charge of Daily operation of the Government.
    • CFO:In Charge of the Budget
    • CIO:In Charge of F.I.A(Florida Intelligence Agency)
    • CTO:In Charge of Tech development and ensuring the tech run smoothly
    • CCO:In Charge of the Police
    • CKO:In Charge of Education
    • CDO:In Charge of Data Collection
    • CESO:In Charge of Environmental Stuff
    • CSO:In Charge of the Military
    • CMO:In Charge of Marketing the Government Corporations Products and stuff.
    • CCMO:In Charge of making stuff for the CMO
    • CHRO:In charge of Human Resources
    • CWO:In Charge of Welfare

    Economy axis

    Corporate Government Alliance

    The Corporate Government Alliance also know as C.G.A is a concept that the Government Corporation should from alliances with other Corporations to help the economy grow the corporations in the Alliance get perferd treatment over other Corporation in exchange they must pay 20% tax to the Government Corporation. Oil,Coal, And Gas Companies are Banned as well as Corperations that violate human rights(Looking at you Nestle)

    Corporate Bailouts

    Corporate Bailouts/Small Business aid will be used during a resection to stabilize the economy

    Corporate Contracts

    Corporate Contracts(Which are given to cooperation to bulid/make stuff for government cooperation) Will be used once the economy is stabilized to recover the economy and accelerate economic growth.

    Government Corporation Income

    • 20% tax from cooperation in the C.G.A
    • The Various industry’s the Government Corporation is Involved in.
    • the 35% tax on Oil,Coal,and Gas
    • The 10% Flat Tax


    The Government Corporation will own the one and only central bank of Florida.

    National Divided and Other Welfare

    The National Divided is a UBI where the People of Florida get 30% of all Money the Government Corporation Makes.

    The Government Corporation selling stuff

    The Government Corporation will be selling various things to make things.

    Social axis

    He rejects the term cultural progressive and conservative instead preferring to refer to himself as a cultural individualist.


    While Tony does not like the use of drugs he will allow soft drugs to be legalized.

    Prostitution and Porn

    These things while tony despises them will be allowed if some wants to voluntary get into these things.People who force people to do this will be thrown in prison.

    SJWs and Wokes

    These People are Cringe and are Anti-Individualist and want everyone to be politically correct.

    On Hedonism

    While he does believe if someone want to be a hedonist they can he still finds it very cringe due to them being all about themself.

    Technology axis

    Astroid/Comet Mining

    The Goverment Corporation should go to space and mine asteroid’s



    In The Floridan Council:

    In The Florida Goverment :

    Allowed to Vote in Florida Elections :

    Can Live in Florida:

    Can Vist Florida:

    1. REDIRECT Template:NameNovoscarletism - ehh kinda cringe and you are pro-life but not the worst

    Not Allowed to Come to Florida :

    At War with Florida :

    • Cheesenism -From what i can tell you want to conquer the world but you will never conquer Florida plus your social views are cringe.
    • General Shrekretary Thought-Cringe Culltraly Conservative Commie who wants to nuke Florida
    • Based Autism-i need to go puke and fire Project Thor at you.



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