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    Left Anti Communism is a pejorative term for socialists that are critical of authoritarian socialism and examples of authoritarian socialism. Despite the name left anti-communists are not against communism but merely what they see as state capitalism larping as communism.

    Flag of Left Anti-Communism




    Reformist Marxism

    Arab Socialism



    • Anti-Authoritarianism - One of my foundational principles!
    • Anti-Nazbol - Also hates authoritarian socialism.
    • Anti-Stalinism - Love your criticisms of his totalitarian communist tyranny.
    • Libertarian Socialism - Best friend.
    • Liberal Socialism - Other best friend!
    • Orwellism - A great writer.
    • Reformist Marxism - Support the iron front!
    • Market Socialism - Always preferable to Soviet state socialism.
    • Democratic Socialism - Reject totalitarian communism, embrace democratic socialism!
    • Huism - Based Chinese Left Anti-Communists.
      • Huism - I am a communist though, and I just believe that the CCP I envisioned is real communism because it’s humane……
    • Djilaism - Similar to the above. Your analysis of communism and the USSR was excellent and flawless.
    • Arab Socialism - For a state socialist, Nasser was based AF.
    • Kemalism - Ataturk’s progressive economic and social policies, and his opposition and prosecution of both commies and fascists were based af.
    • Getulism - Based leftpop who purged communists.
    • Attlee Socialism - Socialist hawk who suppressed communists and co-founded NATO. What else do I have to say except based? But you should have executed Churchill’s “Operation Unthinkable”, it would've saved millions of lives.


    • Anti-Communism - You need to learn the difference between socialism and authoritarian "socialism".
    • Anti-Dengism - But some of you hate socialism......
    • Social Democracy - You're kind of left-wing, and you oppose Marxism-Leninism, but you're still a capitalist.
    • Social Authoritarianism - Welfare and authoritarianism is the perfect combination to combat communists but some of your followers such as Juan Velasco and Alexander Lukashenko kinda scare me with their red aesthetics.
    • Titoism - Commie, but a nice one as you resisted Stalin, the USSR, and Stalin’s puppets, but did you really have to arrest Djilas though?? But prosecuting Stalinists and being relatively friendly to NATO is obviously based, same for founding the NAM alongside left-anti communist socialist leaders.
    • Peruanismo - Pretty much based, although too statist and too soft with communists, even getting too close and cooperating with them mostly in his last years, that's why that bastard Francisco Morales Bermúdez overthrew you.
    • Gaddafism - Persecuting domestic communists was based but outlawing political parties altogether in Libya wasn't. Also, screw you for funding terrorists such as Shining Path, FARC, and the CPP.
    • Capitalism - I oppose you but some of us support a mixed social-market economy.
    • Saddamism - I don't want to comment.
    • Gorbachevism & Yakovlevism - Good job on democratizing the USSR and freeing the oppressed peoples, but Yakovlev was kind of a neoliberal.
    • Tridemism - Sun Yat-sen’s ideology and his rejection of Marxism were good, but he was too chummy with the CCP and the Soviets. Also, Chiang Kai-shek and the modern KMT are cringe. At least the KMT Taiwan model had a relatively good economic system.
    • FLNism - Ben Bella was a based af anti-colonialist socialist and anti-communist, but why did Houari Boumédiene stop prosecuting commies?
    • Anarcho-Communism - I'm confused on this. But what I know is you're very unrealistic.


    • Marxism-Leninism - Totalitarian and inhumane! Socialism must be humane to be genuine!
      • Stalinism - Totalitarian genocidal scum! You ruined the reputation of socialism! Anyone who supports you is either an edgy teenager who doesn't understand leftism or pure evil.
      • Khrushchevism - You claimed to be better than the above, but you are still an ML, ew.
      • Brezhnev Doctrine - Proof of why ML is an imperialist ideology.
    • Leninism - The literal founder of authoritarian communism!
    • Trotskyism - Like the guy above, but harsh about building communism and wants to impose it through permanent revolution.
    • State Socialism - Stop destroying socialism. But Nasser was based.
    • State Capitalism - State Socialism but honest.
    • Right Сommunism - My opposite!
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - Everything I oppose.
    • Pol Potism - REEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Vietnam may be communist but their communism is more ideal to yours!


    1. Palme was essential in the creation of the Information Bureau to profile and spy on domestic communist sympathizers.
    2. Mosaddegh only cooperated with the Tudeh Party to nationalize the oil. Once nationalization was completed Mosaddegh had the army arrest and execute hundreds of communists.
    3. w:Nasserism#Ideology
    4. [1]
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