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    Left-Wing National Conservatism

    Left-Wing National Conservatism is an economically centre-left to left-wing, nationalist and culturally right-wing ideology. It views capitalism and cultural imperialism as causing moral degeneracy, seeing stuff such as trans rights, pornography and gender ideology as foreign degeneracies never existing in their country of origin. It is anti-woke, and supports improving the living and moral standards of every citizen, not just minorities. He supports the Traffickinghub campaign, and a mixed economy with state intervention to reduce income inequality. LeftNatCon denies climate change. Finally, they're anti-illegal immigration and oppose US foreign policy. Left-wing National Conservatism varies civically from libertarian to totalitarian.


    Left-Wing National Conservatism was founded in 2018 by Brazilian550, who in the now-defunct social network Google+, used the username Commander Gustavo. However, he only created the name in 27-30 October 2020, roughly one week before his birthday. He often uses it as a stand-in for himself.


    LeftNatCon is a nice guy who understands all about history. But he also has a short temper, which causes him to enter rage mode when he sees any culturally progressive balls. He hates to be called a fascist, commie or "Nazbol", and often debates right-wing conservative balls on whether his cluster of views makes sense, or in economics.

    He often speaks with a Southeast Brazilian accent, and loves Beetle Bailey cartoons.

    Flag of Left-Wing National Conservatism

    LeftNatCon is attracted to Greta Thunberg and frequently talks about it, making other balls angry, confused and annoyed.

    How To Draw

    1 - Draw a ball.

    2 - Color it red.

    3 - Draw a yellow flag in the bottom of the ball.

    4 - Draw three white stars on the top of the ball.

    5 - Add the eyes and you're done!

    6 - (Optional) Draw a military helmet as LeftNatCon is a militarist.

    Stylistic notes

    - LeftNatCon may be seen burning US flags.

    - LeftNatCon may shout long walls of text when arguing with a progressive ball.

    - LeftNatCon may follow any of the three Abrahmic religions (Judaism, Christianity or Islam), but is always Anti-Zionist.

    - He hates pornography and tells other balls not to watch it.

    - The ideology might manifest itself in authoritarian, monarchist or libertarian variants.

    - He really loves Greta Thunberg for some reason, even though he does not believe in climate change.




    • Fascism - Supporting your country and tradition is cool, but I do not support an all-powerful state.
    • Nazbol - Russian Nazism? Who do you think killed 20 million Russians??? But all else is alright. And I hate being compared to you.
    • Strasserism - Nazism? Nah.
    • Conservatism - Traditions are nice but you're a capitalist.
    • Monarchism - I'm not a fan of kings, but Brazil's empire was great.
    • Right-Wing Populism - We have similar goals but apply them differently.
    • Bolsonarism - Same above, also too economically right-wing.
    • Marxism-Leninism - Good, except the anti-religion part. Also, internationalism is cringe.
    • NAAZism - I dislike anarchism a lot, but you could be a good way to make capitalists pay for everything they did and do.



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