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    Left-Wing Alt-Lite, or Alt-Left-Lite, is the leftist version of Alt-Lite. It is culturally and (usually) economically center-left to left-wing, and civically variable. It is similar to Alt-Left but is not as fond of revolution or communism, somewhat alike to how Alt-Lite is similar to Alt-Right but is not as fond of fascism and ethnonationalism.


    Left-Wing Alt-Lite has a satirical personality. He thinks conservatives and other right-wingers are crazy and loves making fun of them, their rhetoric, and the ways they act.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Left-Wing Alt-Lite
    1. Draw an orange ball.
    2. Draw three light blueish-green spokes coming out of the center.
    3. Draw the eyes.
    4. You're done!



    • Progressivism - BASED.
    • Reverse Conservatism - SO BASED! Destroy the whiny righties!
    • Left-Wing Populism - You know, you really do have a point about how the right starts culture wars just so we all ignore the horrible state of things.
    • Democratic Socialism - Based!
    • Democratism - A bit too economically right but otherwise based ngl.
    • Left-Democratism - That's better.
    • Feminism - I know this might be controversial to men with fragile egos, but women kind of deserve to not be devalued and objectified wherever they go, actually.
    • LGBTism - I got you buddy.
    • Internationalism - No, our country is not some kind of god entitled to rule the Earth, in fact the more we act like it the less we get taken seriously.
    • Anti-Fascism - Actively destroys chuds.
    • Hippieism - You guys were baller as fuck, really made the conservatives of the time cope too.
    • SJW-Lite - An actual social justice warrior I can get behind!



    Further Information


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