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    Left-Liberal Tridemism is an ideology that mixes Tridemism (Mainly Original Tridemism, Liberal Tridemism and some socialist ideologies). It strong opposes Dengism and the PRC, and supports equality, democracy, human rights, and civil liberties. There are few people in realife who supports this ideology. It is unknown who else believes in this ideology except for Sykar and Uzar.

    Political Belief and Policies

    Left-Liberal Tridemism is a variant of Left-Wing Tridemism, but it can also be seen as a form of Right-Wing Tridemism if you view Pro-ROC part as right-leaning.

    Left-Liberal Tridemists follow Classical Tridemism, mixed with new ideologies like Liberal Socialism. Although Left-Liberal Tridemists are Socialist, PRC and RCCK are cringe for them. Some Radicals are even Irredentists (Reclaim Mainland from CCP).

    Min Zhu(Nationalism)

    Basically the same as Sun's Civic Nationalism but with irredentism (In Taiwan only).


    Basically the same as Sun Yat-Sen's views but added tutelary Democracy and Nordic Democracy (only Some theorists).

    Tutelary Democracy

    Democracy will become Kakistocracy if you don't tell people how to vote wisely. So after a while, the country should have an authoritarian President to reset Democracy. Although the president is authoritarian, the power is not absolute or autocratic. The Constitution will still have the ability to restrain the authority of this president. The freedom of speech will be kept and local elections still exist. Just like a benovolent dictatorship. After several years of political tutelage, democracy will return

    Nordic Democracy

    Nordic Democracy is a democratic system based on the Nordic Model, Nordic Democracy subsidies the minor parties, preventing democracy to degenerate into plutocracy. It also supports the representation and freedoms of minor parties to organize/

    Min Sheng (Social Georgism)

    Basically the same as Sun's views but added Liberal Socialism and democratic socialism.



    • Tridemism - I'm following you and is trying to restore our motherland.
    • Irredentism - Great Trial to CCP! Reclaim Our Mainland and restore Socialism's fame!
    • Liberal Socialism - Anti-Tankie and co-op economics are based!
    • Democratic Socialism - Reject totalitarian CCP! Embrace Democratic Socialism!
    • Christian Socialism - Sun Yat-Sen was a Christian and also a Socialist!
    • Anti-Dengism - Overturn the CCP's Neo-Qing crony capitalist totalitarian dictatorship.


    • Chiang-Kai-Shek thought - Well.... maybe just based for fighting radical Maoists and Japanese invasion of China.
    • Liberal democracy - The economic policies of liberal capitalism won't make this society better, but at least we both love Democracy.
    • Liberal Tridemism - Please don't hate Socialism, Socialism is based but its reputation is ruined by Tankies. At least we both hate Chinazi Fascoids.
    • Radical Marxism - I don't really hate you, but you are a commie and you hate Irredentism in Taiwan.


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