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    Left-Wing Democratism, also known as Left-Democratism, is a version of Democratism that strongly favors the left side of the compass over the right. It can be used as a satirical term for people like AOC and Bernie Sanders (He was an independent but he ran with the Democrats) or as QAnon describes the Democratic Party (as an exclusive left-wing organization). It is an illiberal socialist and progressive ideology that is not very different from the  Green Party (from which they've taken many of their policies, such as the Green New Deal).

    It is somewhat different from standard Democratism because it would support workers seizing the means of production. Even though the standard Democratic party has some in it who would want that (sarcastically, I'm referring to you, Bernie!), Left-Democratism would most likely run through a party that does not embrace capitalist stances. Left-Democratism could embrace anything from a social democracy at rightmost all of the way to ML (or Pink Stalinism) at leftmost.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Fill it in black. (#141414)
    3. Make a Democratism logo, but draw it in red. (#FF0000)
    4. Draw the eyes.
    5. (OPTIONAL) Draw a mini hammer and sickle inside of the D. (#FFFF00)



    • Antifa - SMASH THE FASH! #blacklivesmatter
    • Sandersism - My main inspiration, but is too moderate and old. A new young progressive wave is coming.
    • Eco-Socialism - #AOC2024 #Green New Deal
    • Left-Wing Populism - Eat the rich. Wealth tax now!
    • Democratic Socialism - Radicalism is what America need to end corporatocracy.
    • Social Democracy - Warren is a progressive who has many good ideas like wealth tax and canceling student debts, but she is a little bit too moderate.
    • Corbynism - A great British radical grandpa! Shame that he lost the election twice just like Bernie.


    • Democratism - Way too rightist for my liking, and is also a DINO, but you're fine besides that.
    • Anarcho-Crypto-Capitalism - Good but he's a greedy crapitalist pig and an anarchist.
    • Bidenism - Very good but is a DINO and too capitalist for my liking.
    • Harrisism - Same but even crappier.



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