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    “Neither Reform nor Revolution is, on its own, the perfect means to defeat an unjust System. A mix of revolutionary Determination and reformist Pacifism is the solution.”

    Leerderism is the current ideology of polcompball contributor Dr. Occo. It is an East Frisian Nationalist ideology, holding in itself a belief that the Frisian people in East Frisia should have a right to self-determination. On other matters, it is a democratic and (mostly) reformist leftist ideology, expressing the belief that the current system of Neoliberalism is fundamentally flawed and needs restructuring into a more socialist economy and more traditionally localist society.



    I am a General Center-Leftist, mostly aligned with Agrarian Socialism and Market Socialism. Smaller influences on my ideology are Local Patriotism, Frisian Cultural Nationalism, Progressive Conservatism, Reactionaryism, and Cosmicism. I am opposed to any form of Dogmatism and Campism, as well as Black-and-White worldviews, and I do not believe that people can be inherently good or evil. My ideology is flexible, since I do not want to sacrifice my values for being ideologically consistent, and I take influence from many different ideologies, while also questioning everything so I do not fall into an echo-chamber.



    First: Capitalism is a blight and should be abolished. It accelerates climate change and gives an unfair amount of power to unelected lobbyists and industrialists, not to mention that it makes everyone under it a pawn in an exploitative game against the poor. Capitalism enables the exploitation of any and all workers, allowing the owning class to basically steal the surplus value that workers create from them. In a conventional company, the Capitalists have complete control, and are immune from the consequences of their actions. If they mismanage something, and the company loses money, they are never the ones whose money is taken away. No, the low-rank employees, the workers, they are the ones being punished for what managers and company boards decided. After a possible revolution, or through intense reforms (in government and out of it), I would propose the installation of a highly decentralized, localist market socialist economy. Farms and businesses should be seized and their means of production redistributed to the workers, but the government should not directly control the economy. Instead, it should be regulated and controlled by workers' guilds, institutions that cooperate with the government, but are made up of the workers of different small businesses. This system has many similarities to forms of Corporatism , which would be a good compromise position between the current system and my ideal, however still has its own problems, especially when Class Collaboration gets in the way of the Workers' cause. I am also in favor of Workplace Democracy for specific workplaces that have to contain a power structure for whatever reason, which would likely be found out in the process of transition between economic systems.
    Second: I am a Left-Protectionist. This means I oppose economic globalization, because it is the biggest contributor to climate change and exploitation. Everything that can be manufactured or harvested in the homeland, must be harvested, manufactured and consumed therein, not only to keep emissions low and prevent unfair practices, but to strengthen National Unity and Community.
    Third: Local Markets must be strenghthened. This is the most "reactionary" part of my ideology. A farmer should not have his potatoes shipped off to Egypt, but directly distributed to his own community through local markets, which would strengthen community bonds and reduce emissions from transport. We know this system "works", because it has been in place for aeons before globalization was even possible. Obviously, some products can not be grown or manufactured locally, and those products have made society way better. But this system obviously wouldn't be universal. A country that can not, by using its own goods, manufacture life-saving medicine, should be able to import the materials for that medicine from other countries, so that the people don't die needlessly. This sytem has also been in place for as long as there was humanity, and despite the problems it did create, it has generally improved living standards whereever its effect was felt. So, I would be pro-worldwide distribution of resources, just not in this system and not nearly as much as we do now.


    I am a staunch welfarist. While I recognize that financial stability is very important in the long run, it is equally important not to leave the helpless and vulnerable in the mud just to get ahead.
    Firstly, while working must obviously still be rewarded with more money, the people who are not able to work should still be able to live a good life. A good way to achieve this would be a Universal Basic Income, a certain amount that everyone, no matter if employed or not, would be guaranteed. This would simultaneously eliminate many peoples concerns about poverty and create an easy frame for workplaces to set their wages.
    I also want a significant boost to efforts of integration of neurodivergent, disabled and similarly disadvantaged people. Since I myself am neurodivergent, this should not be surprising. It would be great if we could create a framework where any workplace is ready to accommodate for anyone who might not have the same capacities as other workers, or has special needs that need to be met.
    Our public sector needs funding, all parts of it. No healthcare office, no post office, no care facility, no hospital, no library, no theater, no museum should be ignored. Especially institutions that preserve history and identity are more important than they first may seem.


    My position on the Environment is pretty simple: I believe it is of the utmost importance to preserve it at all costs. There are many tactics that should, and really need to, be used:
    Environmentalist Economic Policy - (Much of this I already discussed in the "Economy" section.) In the Economy, Environmentalist goals should mostly consist of reduction of emissions through less international trade, strong environmental regulations and the promotion of explicitly Environmentalist workplaces over regular ones.
    Environmentalist Laws - In the government, environmentalist laws must be passed. This includes high luxury taxes on especially eco-unfriendly expenses, subsidies for environmentally friendly workplaces (which would NOT be transferrable, what a fucking stupid idea) and, in extreme cases, outright bans on things like Cruise Ships, country-internal flights and the other critical polluters.
    Climate Protests - The first of a pair of tactics, the protests of groups like Fridays For Future should continue. While I have my doubts about specific protests, they are a net positive and should continue, especially if continued with strikes and popular unrest. Which brings me to...
    Insurrectionary Action - Ooh, spicy. This is pretty simple, but radical: Environmentalist action units, who conduct attacks on polluting infrastructure, are doing purposeful work, and this type of unlawful conduct should not be overly discouraged (as long as it stays non-violent and does not target the livelihoods of poorer people, obviously).
    National Identity - The nature of the nation is often a strong point of pride among patriots. This sense of Nature as a part of National Cultural Identity should be strengthened in all people, and should form a motivator for environmentalist change.


    Let me move on to my favourite talking point: National Cultural Identity. Yes, I am a Cultural Nationalist. I believe that a National Cultural Identity, a Shared collection of cultural views and traditions, should form the backbone of a nations society. Since the multicultural principle of different and separate cultural groups in the same society often leads to parallel societies, isolated cultural outgroups with little connection to wider society, which are a breeding ground for crime, especially when they are neglected by the government. Immigrants should still be welcome in East Frisia, as long as we can physically provide for them without sacrificing the well-being of our own citizens, but they should not form a Split-off parallel society hostile to the dominant one. This could be encouraged by the government with good and well-thought out welfare benefits for struggling immigrant families as well as an effort to guide them into becoming fully functional members of East Frisian society and at least being willing to accept its culture. If migrants prove to be completely unwilling or unable to conform to East Frisian Culture, they need to be dealt with effectively, and if necessary, they need to be expelled from the country before they become a liability.
    Plus, Culture is just nice to have, and it strengthens the community.


    I despise Hegemony, and hold the view that autonomy is a nations highest right. I believe in the concept of the right to self-determination of all peoples, and I would want it to be applied to every people with an identity of their own (for example: Kurds, Basques, Frisians). I am also not willing to brutally invade other nations with little legitimization to impose my arbitrary beliefs on them, as the US and Russia like to do. Of course, I want my nation to intervene in wars, for example by shipping supplies to the better side, since I do not want to passively support Imperialist great powers. But all in all, I am mostly for Non-Alignedism.
    I am also not a fan of the overly idealistic and liberal-ideological foreign policy that much of the West has adopted over time. The biggest offenders by far have to be the Schröder and Merkel administrations, who somehow believed (or claimed to believe anyway) that by buying the gas of Putin’s pet company Gazprom they could democratize Russia, which has predictably led to Germany being caught off-guard by the Invasion of Ukraine. Now, the people who need gas to survive are rightfully angry, and the new government (with Merkels former finance minister in charge) is struggling to handle this crisis as well as all the other crises that have cropped up. While I am not supporting Machiavellian Powerplays to achieve German supremacy, I am very much in favor of a more realistic and pragmatic approach to foreign policy. Sometimes, it is better to immediately make hard choices than to endlessly kick the can down the road, especially if that road leads to catastrophe.

    Social Policy

    Socially, I fit comfortably in the progressive Anti-SJW, Inclusionary, or Moderately Progressive, whatever you want to call it, territory. I want all forms of discrimination by identity, skin colour, orientation or sex to end, and I think that, in an ideal world, we would never even feel the need to discuss our identities to define ourselves. After all, being a gay Autist is not really something I should take pride in, because neither did I choose it nor can I change it. In the same vein, a white straight cis man should not take pride in his identity, since he did not choose to be born into such an advantageous position. Instead, I would much rather everyone take pride in their accomplishments and values.
    However, I do not like many of the tactics the liberal left uses today, from Cancel Culture, over Multiculturalist Identity politics they ripped from the US even though that makes zero sense or Neo-Tribalism, to the annoying arguments about things like Quotas (which I will discuss in more detail later) or Gendersprache, which I personally find ridiculous. You can argue in favor of trans rights without calling the 80-year old grandma a bigot for not knowing how to use neopronouns correctly, that is very much possible.
    Overall, my goal is a United and Inclusive nation in which everyone can feel welcome, and no one has to endure judgement based solely on their belonging to a certain social group.


    As explained in the „Nation“ paragraph, I believe in the concept of a unifying National Cultural Identity. This Cultural Identity would be one of traditional Frisian culture. The Frisian and Low German languages are a part of it, as is a strong communitarian bond, some typical regional food and drinks like cabbage, beans or tea, and a general quiet rural atmosphere.
    I am heavily opposed to cultural Artifism, Futurism and Foreign Cultural Hegemony, specifically that of the USA. Their art, their sayings, their culture have been exported to the entire world, oftentimes threatening to change local cultures not through conquest, but through gradual Americanization. This all must be opposed if we are to preserve our own cultural heritage.

    Religious Policy

    I am generally in favor of Religious freedom and tolerance, as long as religions stay out of government. The separation of church and state is extremely important.
    All people should be free to practice whatever religion they believe in. I can understand how it may be hard for someone to accept that other people believe in different religious concepts than themself, but that does not make religious supremacy or terror against other religious groups okay. In fact, if there exists a religious community that is based on preaching hate, like, unfortunately, many already do, the state should have the authority to investigate them. We can not accept Cult-like behavior or zealous bigotry to grow in our society and form the dreaded parallel society.
    Personally, I was raised by a Catholic mother and a Protestant (but very irreligious) father, I was baptized in the Catholic Church, I am mostly Atheist and I philosophically align most with Pastafarism and Lovecraftianism. I also like the Old Cultural implications of original Paganism. But none of those tendencies should be mandated for anyone but me. I am perfectly comfortable with the personal religious identity being completely separate from the National Cultural Identity.

    Religious Philosophy

    If there is a god, and they are all-knowing, all-powerful and all-loving, it logically follows that we must live in the world that god considers perfect. This means that any argument about the state of things which involves the notion of „gods will“ must be obsolete, since god must always will every situation exactly as it is. If this is not the case, surely god can not be all-knowing, all-powerful and all-loving all at once, because if they were, and the situation were not as they desire, they would have changed that situation with their all-power before it even was perceived by us. Either this, or the gods that exist must do so on such a different level that their thoughts and plans are not even imaginable by the human mind. The Gods would be such alien and unknowable entities that even a second-long glance at their perceptions would drive any person mad. In this case, arguing about the will of the gods is even more pointless, since the will of the gods can not even be understood, let alone acted on, by us.


    Justice System

    I mostly believe in restorative justice, however, a functioning society, no matter the system, still needs a notable punishment for crimes committed in it, since even a hypothetical society without material or social discrimination will still be made up of people, and without dystopian re-education programs, people will never behave in the exact ways any society needs them to.
    This means that the Justice system must be just threatening enough to disincentivise crime, but not so powerful that it ruins the lives of anyone who comes into contact with it. The Death Penalty should stay illegal in the country, even for the worst offenses, so should overly long prison sentences for relatively minor crimes like posession of drugs or petty theft, and the prisons we do have should be less miserable holes for prisoners to rot in, and more schools for the inmates to get a perspective on life and learn to become a valuable meber of society.


    As I see it, the Culture War is not something the left should be very involved in. I see the Culture War as a fight between Progressive Liberals and Alt-Lite Conservatives, that mostly works on Capitalist and Liberal assumptions about what is good and fair. The Left should not discuss if there is a lack of female representation in, for example, corporate boards, because this would undermine the left's efforts to get rid of those same boards.
    Of course, this does not mean we should abandon minorities that are under attack by conservatives and their allies. The attack on civil rights is real, and it needs to be opposed, however, I don't think we should be playing in the Alt-Right's[1] field, by engaging in the Culture War, but make clear that we do not condone the frivolous nonsense that Liberal "SJWs" and the Alt-Right are spouting. I mean, seriously, there are more important issues than the non-existent genitals of a toy potato or the skin color of a Disney Princess.
    So, whenever we notice an attack on any civil rights, we should call it out, and if it is veiled, we should uncover it for the world to understand, and we should even be willing to sacrifice our own peace and comfort for this, however we should never let ourselves get baited into petty discussions on who is the stupider side, or which Popcultural Staple is now a black lesbian because of some corporate pandering. Never fall for the Alt-Rights trick, they want you to seem petty and arrogant.
    I especially dislike the tendency on both sides to use the word "they" to refer to some kind of nebulous group of people that disagree with them. I have seen this many times online, and mostly in leftist circles (which is because I almost never visit right-wing circles), however I have also witnessed it whenever I visited PCM. This tendency often leads to conflating groups of people that are actually pretty diverse, which is most often noted by leftists who despise being conflated with liberals, but they themselves often think that the Manosphere, the Alt-Right, Conservatives and Libertarians all share the same beliefs. (Of course, they also use the word "fascism" so loosely that I'm surprised it hasn't come off and fallen right out of their vocabulary.)


    I want to practice for a fusion of Utopian and Pragmatic thinking. While my goals may be utopian and unrealistic, I do not think I should take drastic steps to achieve them as soon as possible, but instead use them as a lens through which I can see the problems and conflict of the present. So, while I would want East Frisia to secede from Germany, I do not argue for an immediate secession, instead I argue for more local projects, cultural and infrastructural, which will directly help East Frisia, which will hopefully lay the groundwork for a secession, that will happen when the time is right. The same is generally true with everything else in my ideology. I do not want to immediately install an Agrarian Socialist state, I want to bring about Socialism through reforms and worker action over time. I do not want to immediately convert everyone to traditional styles of living, I want to argue that they are the superior system. Etcetera. Revolution is just too big a risk to be the only plan for reaching the utopia of Communism, and history has shown that it does not work. Most communist revolutions either fall apart, get co-opted by power-hungry authoritarians or more centrist figures, or result in a totalitarian hellscape which eventually crumbles due to pressure from outside and inside. I don't think a revolution can work without significant reformist action happening before it, since establishing a new government best suited to bringing about the preferred system will always be easier when there is less pushback from a radically opposed government and parts of the populace.

    The Galli Market - A personal anecdote

    Movements I support/Would have supported

    How To Draw

    Flag of Leerderism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Divide it into a vertical tricolor
    3. Color the left and right panels purple
    4. Color the middle panel red
    5. (optional) Add thin dark red stripes at the edges of the middle panel
    6. (optional) Add thin dark purple stripes at the inner edges of the outer panels
    7. Add four Frisian Seablatt leaves in the middle of the ball
    8. (optional) Add beret and rags
    9. (optional) Add a beige-brown feather to the beret
    10. Make the eyes and your done!
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Purple 115,20,139 #73148B
    Dark Purple 82,8,103 #520867
    Red 178,0,0 #B20000
    Dark Red 128,0,0 #800000
    Black 5,5,5 #050505

    User Alignment Test of Ultimate Destiny

    • Civic Axis
      • (Deliberate) Chaosist (+5)
      • Egoist (-10)
      • Anarchist (+5)
      • Minarchist (-5)
      • Libertarian (0)
      • Moderate/Mixed (+20)
      • Statist (+10)
      • Dictablanda (-5)
      • Authoritarian (-10)
      • Totalitarian (-15)
      • Orwellian (-20)
    • Type of Rule Axis
      • (Anarchist) Anti-Democracy (+5)
      • Direct Democracy (-15)
      • Semi-Direct Democracy (-5)
      • Representative Democracy (+20)
      • Authoritarian Democracy (-10)
      • Totalitarian Democracy (-20)
      • (Authoritarian) Anti-Democracy (0)
    • If none above apply...
      • Organic Centralism (-10)
    • Economic Axis
      • Marxist Communist (+5)
      • Socialist (+20)
      • Welfarist/Gift Economy (+5)
      • Moderate/Mixed (+15)
      • Liberal Economics (-5)
      • Capitalist (-10)
    • If none above apply...
      • Third Positionism (-10)
      • Anti-Economy (+5)
      • Non-Marxist Communist (+10)
    • Economic Freedom
      • Anti-Economy (+5)
      • Dirigisme (-15)
      • Regulationism (+15)
      • Moderate/Mixed (+20)
      • Liberal Economics (0)
      • Free Market (-10)
      • Laissez-Faire (-20)
    • If none above apply...
      • Central Planned (-15)
      • Decentral Planned (+10)
    • Diplomatic Axis
      • Autarchy (+5)
      • Autarky (+15)
      • (Alter-) Globalist (0)
      • World Federalist (-15)
      • Cosmopolitan (-5)
      • Internationalist (0)
      • Moderate (+5)
      • Patriotic (+10)
      • Nationalist (+10)
      • Chauvinist (-15)
      • Racial Nationalist (or similar broad category) (-20)
      • Ethno-Nationalist (or similar narrow category) (-10)
      • Universal Nationalist (+20)
    • Geopolitics
      • Western (-15)
      • Western Adjacent (-5)
      • Non-Aligned (+20)
      • East Adjacent (-5)
      • Eastern (-20)
    • Social Axis
      • Revolutionary (-5)
      • Progressive (+10)
      • Inclusionary (+20)
      • Moderate/Mixed (+5)
      • Conservative (-5)
      • Traditionalist (-10)
      • Reactionary (-20)
    • Cultural Axis
      • Anti-Culture (-20)
      • Artificial (-10)
      • Progressive (-5)
      • Moderate/Don't Care (+5)
      • Traditionalist (+20)
      • Reactionary/Palingenetic (+15)
    • Technological Axis
      • Primal (-20)
      • Primitivist (-15)
      • Pre-Industrial (0)
      • Deceleration (+10)
      • Moderate (+20)
      • Acceleration (+5)
      • Automated (0)
      • Transhumanist (-5)
      • Posthumanist (-20)
    • If none of the above apply...
      • Post-Civilization (-10)
      • Archeofuturism (-5)
    • Environmental Axis
      • Human Extinction (-20)
      • Radical Environmentalism (+20)
      • Eco-Fascism (+5)
      • Ecocentrism (+5)
      • Environmentalist (+10)
      • Moderate (0)
      • Post-Industrialism (-5)
      • Industrialist (-15)
      • Anthropocentric (-15)
      • Anti-Environmentalism (-20)
    • Neurological Axis
      • Anti-Praxis (-20)
      • Utopian (-5)
      • Dogmatic (-15)
      • Idealist (0)
      • Moderate/Mixed (+20)
      • Realist (+5)
      • Pragmatic (+15)
      • Rational (0)
      • Dystopian (-20)
      • Anti-Theory (-5)
    • War Axis
      • Pacifism (+10)
      • Non-engagement (+10)
      • De-escalation (+20)
      • Intervention (-15)
      • Irredentism (-10)
      • Revanchism (-15)
      • Jingoism (-20)
    • If none above apply...
      • (International) Class Warfare (-5)
    • Praxis
      • Insurrectionism (0)
      • Revolutionism (+5)
      • Moderate/Mixed (+20)
      • Reformism (+10)
      • Stagnationism (-10)

    Post your results here:


    Heel wat besünners


    • Environmental Globalization - The only good kind of Globalization. Stopping something that could harm the whole world is a priority for the whole world.
    • Meritocracy - A very worthwhile way to determine who is fit to govern. Though I did not forget what the ancient Chinese Emperors did while this system was in place there, and I also maintain that the name „Meritocracy“ sounds ridiculous.
    • Technogaianism - Oh shit, It’s GAIA! Quick people, destroy all the robots! Otherwise the Faro plague will get us! So, this is pretty much as good as Transhumanism gets. My Autism still makes me a bit sceptical of big changes, so Transhumanism scares me, but I logically know it‘s a good thing, especially for the medical sector. And this is, as I said, the absolute best form of Transhumanism.
    • Agrarianism - The Great Tradition of my homeland, my people and even my family. Some Agrarians can be annoyingly conservative, and big rich farmers are bad for almost everything, but all in all this is based.
    • Agrarian Socialism - Land Reform! Land Reform! Land Reform! This is the best type of Agrarianism.
    • Progressive Conservatism - Based cultural compromise.
    • Anti-Clericalism - The Churches should stay out of politics. Heck, in my opinion, some religions would be better off without centralized churches! Pagans (and Cthulhu) are cooler anyways.

    Up Stee

    • Nationalism - Nationalist policy is important, the state is the nation after all, but this can quickly change into more sinister stuff.
    • Cultural Nationalism - Preserving National and local culture is important, as is preventing dangerous parallel cultures from forming. But suppressing other cultures is ultranationalist garbage, and this ideology sadly often leads to exactly that happening.
    • National Agrarianism - Nationalism? Quite Based! Agrarianism? An important part of Frisian Culture and Economy! Extremely xenophobic sentiments due to rural areas being generally more conservative? Uhm. Okay that should maybe be looked into.
    • Civic Nationalism - Definitely a better qualifier than race or ethnicity, but not as good of one as culture and language. I believe that citizenship is the only true requirement for nationality, but I also believe that Immigrants must be pressured to integrate, lest they form a subculture that breeds crime or radicalism, and you can‘t do that without a good signifier for true nationality.
    • Noocracy - It is broadly agreeable to say that the wisest people should rule. Though this ideology tends to focus too much on philosophy, and it is often used by Autocrats and Monarchists, so it‘s not a completely unproblematic proposal.
    • Civil Libertarianism - Do Civil Liberties include the Liberty to own a Private Jet? Or go on a Cruise Ship? Because that is a hard no from me.
    • Interculturalism - Cultures coexisting while interaction between them is encouraged, that's exactly my ideal. But the melting pot model is even worse than Multiculturalism. Since it originated in the US which did not have a native culture (that wasn't exterminated), it's not shocking that it leads to multiple cultures fusing together into one distinct new culture, and it's fine when applied to the US and other colonial nations, but in nations that have an indigenous culture, it is a catastrophic practice.
    • Eurocommunism - Good economic and civic policy, however I am skeptical of this ideologie because of its potential ties to Eurofederalism.
    • Anarcho-Communism - On paper, the best and most moral system. But I personally think it's pretty much impossible to achieve, and way too idealistic. I'm just going to be taking that idea of decentralized economy
    • Anti-Fascism - Look, Antifa guys, I want to stand by you, but could you please stop labelling people who aren't fascists as fascists? I know you have your reasons, but it's not good or helpful.
    • Isolationism - I used to really like this, and its economic variant should be pursued as much as realistically possible, but without international cooperation, war and extreme hegemony would almost certainly be unavoidable.

    Heel egal

    • Left-Wing Populism - Makes generally good points against the Right, but can be extremely hyperbolic. Also, this ideology is very broad, which often makes parties with it as their main ideology fall into leftist infighting, like we saw with Die Linke.
    • Social Democracy - It could be so great, if it were not for that capitalist infiltrator. SCHOLZ RAUS!
    • Agorism - Black Markets are an important method to counteract unfair corporate and government practices in times of crisis, but are of course still a type of illegal, highly capitalist system that must be counteracted when the economy of the country is doing well, as well as a breeding ground for more destructive crime, an example being murder to prevent the toppling of a well-functioning black market crime empire.
    • Eco-Conservatism - Quite based for a conservative. Kretschmann is a complete hypocrite, and most Conservatives are too corrupt to give a shit about the environment, but in general it would be good if this very logically consistent ideology would become more widespread.
    • Individualism - Being able to empathise with other people as individuals is good, selfishness is bad.
    • Collectivism - Working together and helping each other is good, generalizing is bad.
    • Intersectionality - Don‘t get me wrong, I get the argument for this, I really do, and yes, overly tribal activism has its problem, but if all leftist movements just become essentially the same movement through extreme intersectionality, they all can be attacked in the same way by extreme right agitators, and scare away people who aren‘t 100% progressive. I do not want Fridays For Future to talk about LGBT issues, or the Near East conflict, I only want them to talk about the climate.

    Har leper kunt

    • Revolutionary Progressivism - Overzealous culture destroyers who enthusiastically fight the culture war, but they are necessary as allies when the alternative are social conservatives and worse.
    • Green Liberalism - "Don't worry guys, we'll achieve climate neutrality in 39795683 Years, we just have to make sure the Coal CEOs don't get angry. Meanwhile, why don't YOU try to stop climate change? Because boy, let me tell you, we're not getting rid of private jets and cruise ships in this economy."
    • State Socialism - This doesn't have the best track record in history, to say it lightly. I prefer Guild Socialism and Classical Social Democracy. The State controlling the economy just lends itself too much to tyranny.
    • Multiculturalism - Yes, all cultures should coexist. But not in this way! Parallel Societies in the same country are a stupid and dangerous idea, instead we should respect the cultural integrity of every nation.
    • Industrialism - DAMN BIG BUSINESS POLLUTING THE PLANET AND DESTROYING LOCAL ECONOMIES! THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION AND ITS CONSEQUENCES! …Unfortunately, Industry is necessary for our society, and made the lives of many people better in the past.
    • Edgelordism - 4chan edgelords suck, they all fall victim to the Dunning-Kruger-Effect, but mainstream media should really stop giving them so much attention (looking at you Frontal21). They are mostly harmless. And why the hell do so many of them look so cute?


    • Capitalism - Call me ungrateful all you want, but I think that climate change, child labor, slavery and poverty are bad.
    • Kakistocracy - I hate idiots!
    • Liberalism - They to busy changing they gender to change a log by bolb.
    • Ultranationalism - Yes, I like my Nation. And so do others with their nations. That is precisely why nation supremacy is a harmful and frankly terrible ideology. Why can‘t you just accept that your nation is not so important that you have to kill for it?
    • Neoreactionaryism - We share a similar outlook on reactionaryism, but that's it. Feudalist scum must go.
    • Liberal Feminism - Simply not the right answer. I don't think the endgoal of feminism should be to integrate women into the male-dominated system, effectively just feminizing the patriarchy, instead of building a system that has no patriarchy. Also, Hillary Clinton was weapons grade cringe and needs to be blamed for Trumps victory, Kathleen Kennedy defiled Star Wars, and JK Rowling is a genocide supporter.
    • Aristocracy - It had its time and place, and Aristocrats were often important to balance out the power a king held, but when the nobles got too much power in Frisia they turned it into just another Feudal State. The fact that I am named after one of those nobles does not make it better at all.
    • Reactionary Socialism - No, no, no! You have it backwards!
    • National Liberalism - How‘s Brexit working out for ya? Also, I think Nationalism and Liberalism are contradictory, seen how Liberalism is culturally left (so pro-immigration) and supports the free market (so anti-protectionism).
    • Anti-Communism - Fine on paper, but almost everyone who prides themself on being Anti-Communist is a fascist or an enthusiastic capitalist, and they are never truly progressive.

    De Düvel van Kaar offallen

    • Fascism - Fascism is a system that places all the power there is (power over the economy, power over the government itself, and power over ground morality) in the hand of the government, while usually requiring a belief in ingroups and outgroups and a "natural hierarchy" of people, where there are people who are "undesirable" simply for existing in a certain demographic. This means that Fascism does not simply enable genocide, genocide is almost a natural endpoint of fascism.
    • Nazism - May you suffer eternally in the darkness of the infinity, you wretched, vile, monstrous piece of garbage.
    • National Capitalism - „Nooooo I can‘t be a Nazi the Nazis were third position!“ About that.
    • Racial Nationalism - The Even more retarded version of Ethnonationalism. Builds on the worthless concept of „Race“ instead of Ethnicity, and is also the go-to ideology for murderers, terrorists and cultists.
    • Alt-Right - Open White Fascism.
    • Alt-Lite - Veiled White Fascism.
    • Eugenicism - Gien en hau sien Kinner dood!
    • Imperialism - LEWER DUAD AS SKLAV!
    • World Federalism - No.
    • Neoliberalism - I think I have made my position on this quite clear.
    • Neoconservatism - Hello PCBA, my name is Mr. Occo, and today I want Total Hawk Death. Kill Hawks. Behead Hawks. Roundhouse kick a Hawk into the concrete. Slam dunk a Hawk into the trashcan. Crucify filthy Hawks. Defecate in a Hawk’s food. Launch Hawks into the sun. Stir fry Hawks in a wok. Toss Hawks into active volcanoes. Judo throw Hawks into a wood chipper. Twist Hawks’ heads off. Report Hawks to the KGB. Karate chop Hawks in half. Crush Hawks in the trash compactor. Exterminate Hawks in the gas chamber. Cremate Hawks in the oven. Lobotomize Hawks. Vaporize Hawks with a Raygun. Kick old Hawks down the stairs. Feed Hawks to alligators. Slice Hawks with a katana.
    • State Liberalism - An extremely unfunny strawman of everyone who is not culturally conservative, made by the rightist side of the dreaded culture war. And for the real-life ideologies that come closest to this: They are imperialist, corrupt scum. No, it‘s not legitimate to bomb a country because the people there are bigoted.
    • Radical Feminism - Geez, no wonder nobody likes you. I recognize Patriarchal structures in Society, but The Patriarchy isn't a secretive club of evil men that sends Trans women to sexually assault """real""" women. You're just misandry with a mask. And some of your acolytes are straight-up genocidal. For more information, see this video.
    • Marxism-Leninism - Dictatorial, Repressive, Industrialist, Cruel, Imperialist, backstabbing, Delusional and highly deadly ideology. Having to deal with MLs makes me almost sympathetic to Capitalists.


    • Yoda8soup Thought - Fellow Progressive, Environmentalist, Hard Leftist, Bernie Bro and a fellow Kautskyist chad. I declareth thee Based.
    •  Great British New Left - The third Kautskyist Triumvir, and my best mate in the community. I can not say much; despite you being more progressive than me, I still could not put you any lower than this. Cheers!


    • Uzarashvilism - A very cool guy from სამარგალო. The only point I disagree with is Trans Issues. While I don't think you should be careless with expanding Transitions, I also don't think there are any good material arguments against Trans-ism in itself. The Rest of your ideology is a different variant of the concepts mine is based on.
    • Neosyndicalism - Goober (almost) never misses!


    • Heredism - You have become too authoritarian for my taste, but the focus on Ecology and Agrarian Reform is still nice. I don't expect you to do anything specific, it's just a difference in opinion. You're obviously better read than me, so who knows, maybe I'll understand you better in the future. Also, please stop defending North Korea on Discord.


    • Jefbol Thought - Both your page and the stuff you say on discord are very annoying to me, but I guess your ideology isn't the worst. It's a bit too hardline for me, and I often don't 100% understand what exactly your plans are, as you seem to be more into politphilosophy than regular political ideology, but eh, I guess it could be worse.
    • Schumacherianism - Yo, those are some pretty confused views you got there. You seem to not understand what Unions are, and of course, I have to disagree with Free Market Capitalism. On the other hand, Radical and Authoritarian Environmentalism is super-Based, and it is pretty cool to allow leftist communities. On the other other hand, Imperialism is very unbased no matter the pretense. Also, Social Darwinism is an intellectually lazy way of looking at the world, in my opinion. Humans only survived in the first place because of their Communitarian Tendencies.


    • Neo-humanism - Filthy Liberal! I am only half joking, too. Our goals are opposed to one another, since you want economic growth, global cooperation and other such things, which is quite different to my localist, socialist and egalitarian leanings. Your positions are pretty much standard for non-establishment liberals, while mine are a pretty out there form of socialism. You don’t seem stupid or cruel, we simply have a difference of opinion.
    • Council Marxism - Way too dogmatic, extremist and hostile for my liking, but there are worse self-inserts out there.
    • Meowxism - Pretty much an average modern ultra-ML. Improved to no end by Non-Alignedism, though, since one of my biggest problems with ML as an ideology is the excessive foreign meddling.
    • Hysteria thought - You seem to be posessed… Iä! Iä!
    • Adriaugism - Sorry to put you so low, but I simply can not like this ideology. It is essentially the baseline idealistic utopian vision of any liberal minded person, a thing which I would describe is „What if everything was perfect“. Combined with this Rick Sanchez-esque outlook on human nature, I see this as a simplistic, idealistic and not very politically „deep“ concept. But I also can see that you clearly have noble intentions, and aren't out to hurt anyone, and it's not a sin to be idealistic or liberal minded.
    • Social Authoritarian Bonapartism - Sure, it would be nice if we could just outlaw everything bad and have the government be more effective through throwing democracy out the window, but how exactly will this be enforced? Every Dictatorship needs political violence and mass restrictions of civil rights to function properly, which is not in the interest of the people. And regarding the point that a dictatorship could be less corrupt than a democracy: Dictatorships are and were some of the most corrupt countries on the planet. Not only is Russia extremely corrupt, but the whole point of US-backed dictatorships in Latin America was that they were extremely corrupt, so as to fulfill the interests of the US and its companies. Countless times, a popular dictator died and his successor ran all his achievements into the ground. To paraphrase Moltke, this plan would not survive contact with reality. That being said, the ideals you subscribe to are fundamentally good and agreeable to me, like Social Assistance and Progressive Conservative Cultural Nationalism. Oh, and also, you're not culturally centrist just because you aren't an actively hateful loon , you're clearly a social conservative. There's no shame in that, but you need to be honest with yourself and with others. "Progressive Conservatism" would need actively progressive positions to be held, and you do not hold any overtly progressive positions.


    • Neo-Glencoeism - I don't think Liberal policies will work much better to improve societal problems under a dictatorship than they do under *Liberal* Democracy.
    • Niiloism - Wat?
    • Danielism - Free Market Monarcho-Fascism is... not exactly my favourite ideology. I think our differences are pretty obvious.
    • Terekhofism - Konservativer Sozialismus ist kein Widerspruch in sich, aber es ist definitiv keine Union zweier sich perfekt ergänzender Prinzipien. Von der Gleichheit aller Menschen zu schreiben, während man erklärt, dass man Homosexualität nicht akzeptiert, weil man Christ ist, ist entweder Doppelmoral oder zeigt ein faschistoides Verständnis von Gleichheit (und Homosexualität).[3]
      • Mit der Gleichheit der Menschen meine ich die Chancengleichheit von Mann und Frau, Gesunder und eingeschränkter Menschen in Bezug auf Arbeit, Bikdung und Umngang der Gessellschaft, Recht auf Respekt aller. Homosexualität ist meines Erachtens unnatürlich und ekelig und ja Gott hast sowas. Also faschistoid bin ich nicht. Ich bin offen bekennend homophob.





    Have Read

    • Tyrannen - Eine Geschichte von Caligula bis Putin[5]: An interesting little book, written in collaboration by different German historians, about definitions and forms of tyranny. I learned much about different tyrants, be it Nero, Franco, Pinochet, Mugabe or Erdogan. (7/10)
    • - The Prince: Well written and translated, this book really dashed my expectations. It sometimes shows its age by referencing Italian Feudal wars, but all in all is still very much relevant. (8/10)

    Will Read/Am Reading

    • - Das Kapital (+ other works)





    1. "Alt-Right" is used to the Alt-Right and their Allies.
    2. I am critical of their intersectionality, but I still support the core ideology.
    3. Conservative Socialism is not a contradiction in itself, but it is definitely no Union of two perfectly compatible principles. To write of the Equality of all people, while explaining that one does not accept homosexuality, because he is a Christian, is either hypocrisy or shows a fascistoid understanding of Equality (and homosexuality).
    4. I view Nationalism, specifically Frisian Nationalism, as a necessity for Frisian self-determination, not as a point of xenophobia.
    5. "Tyrants - A History from Caligula to Putin"
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