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    Lee Tung-hui Thought was founded by Lee Tung-hui, the former president of Republic of China. Lee Tung-hui Thought is Economically centre-right. It stronly believe peace and harmony.


    Taiwanese Nationalism

    As a Taiwanese, Lee was a Taiwanese Nationalist. Lee Teng-hui Thought doesn't support Chinese Nationalism. The Chinese nationalism and Confucianism in CKS era are toned down by Lee Teng-hui.

    Strait Pacifism

    It isn't as hardcore as Chiang Kai-Shek and Chiang Ching-kuo against the CCP diplomatically, and it believes that the Peace of Strait is important. He opened dialogues with the PRC and reached the ‘1992 Consensus’.


    Lee Tung-hui abandoned the Dong Yuan Kan Luan Lin Shi Tiao Kuan, accepted the request of student protesters to hold the first completely free election, and continued Chiang Ching-kuo’s democratization of Taiwan.



    • Japan - My father, my country, my hometown that I always wanted to go back to.
    • Revisionary Tridemism (Presidency) - My son, I teach him to against his authoritarian tendencies (though I sometimes also has it) , accept taiwanese identity, and make peace in cross-strait.
    • Chiang Ching-kuo - The most correct decision you ever made was to choose me as your successor, as your best student, I'll never gonna let you down!
    • Liberal Conservatism -
    • Paternalistic Conservatism -
    • DPP (Retired) - My adopt son who work together to against this Traitor.
    • Liberal Tridemism (before 1995) - According to the "Guidelines for National Unification", there will be a unified "democratic, free, and equitably prosperous China" in the end.


    • DPP (Presidency) - Annoying opposition party whom is too radically in taiwanese nationalism, but is a useful tool to fight this obsolete guy
    • Kleptocracy (Presidency) - An useful tool to fight this obsolete guy and this annoying guy, as long as I control the Party Assets and local Factions, I can always won in elections!
    • Dengism (before the missile crisis) - We end the three Noes, start to communicate, reached the ‘1992 Consensus’ and several executive agreements; though I think it should be more alert on you, and "No haste, be patient" in economic and other aspects.


    • Revisionary Tridemism (Retired) - TRAITOR! Is that how I teach you and you repay for me? Repeal me from KMT, get closer to this scum, and denounce Taiwanese nationalism?
      • Revisionary Tridemism : My fault? I'm not the traitor whom betrayed our belief, but you, you are the one who has changed! I'm just follow your guide to continue the "1992 Consensus", and try to maintain the peace of the Strait! And you are the one who claim taiwanese identity can co-existence with Chinese nationality! Also you're the one who let us lose in 2000, since you don't want to nominate the strongest one, just because you don't like him!
    • Dengism (after 1995) - "No matter how big the CCP is, it won't bigger than my dad!"
    • Chiangism - obsolete guys who stuck on my way.


    1. not himself, but his policy make the "Black gold politic" (improper political and business network) become so common
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