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    "I'm not saying that gas chambers didn't exist. I haven't been able to see any myself. I have not specifically studied the question. But I believe it is a point of detail in the history of the Second World War." - Jean-Marie Le Pen.

    LePenism refers to the ideas of the "Front National" (FN), a political party created by Jean-Marie Le Pen in 1972. This movement could be described as an economically centrist at the beginning then economically right during the 1980s, civically statist and culturally conservative ideology. Forever in the opposition and criticized for his comments about WW2 and immigration, he failed to win all the presidential elections in which he participated (5 times) because the reputation of a fascist and racist group which stuck to the skin of its political movement because of some of his comments. Since the 2010s however, when Marine Le Pen (Jean-Marie's daughter) took over the party, it embraced a strategy of "dediabolization", meaning that she tried to look more moderate and welfarist.





    • Right-Wing Populism - POWER TO THE FRENCH PEOPLE !
    • Welfare Chauvinism - My political party under my daughter Marine likes your ideas!
    • Reactionary Liberalism - Many of you are liking my grand-daughter Marion Maréchal very much, and I personally do more like her than Eric Zemmour.
    • Pétainism - You did good things for the French people and some of your followers have been with me....
    • Identitarianism - Like Mégret (useful but a traitor who wanted to replace me) used to say ; we need to protect our identity !
    • Putinism - I try to hide it nowadays but I respect you a lot and thanks for funding my political party after the Cold War.


    • Sarkozysm - You stole my ideas and were a rival but Jordan Bardella is currently trying to steal your electorate.
    • Gaullism - You were the source of great pains for France, but Marine pretends to like you to look more presentable
    • Mitterrandism - Insane socialist, but he helped me get on TV regularly and we both hated De Gaulle


    • Social Gaullism and Chiracquism - Despicable fake right
    • Social Liberalism - Dumb centrists who legalized abortion and family reunification for immigrants
    • Trotskyism - Leftist scum!
    • Social Democracy - You made France a living hell by welcoming all those immigrants!
    • Zemmourism - You know what? Stfu Zemmour, you betrayed my grand-daughter Maréchal while always being opposed to make an alliance with my daughter Marine, your political party is a complete joke and nobody is gonna give a f##k about you anymore since many of your voters were more for Marion than yourself personally.
    • Macronism - My current nemesis.
    • Hollandeism - Worse president EVER
    • Mélenchonism - Never ask an LFI Voter what happened during the 9th June 2024 in France with Bardella.
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