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    Lawrencarchy is an ideology from the game Genshin Impact that used to rule Mondstadt after Barbatos freed Mondstadt from Decarabian. Lawrencarchy ruled Mondstadt until Favoniusism kicked him out and now everyone hates him. Lawrencarhy can be put into two phases with the Early Aristocratic Period where he used to be benevolent and caring for the people and the Late Aristocratic Period where he stopped caring about the people and became corrupt and elitist creating his own tyranny. Today he now lives outside of society as most people seem to hate him now, his modern proponents have been called Neo-Lawrencarchy with even one supporter actually tried to bring him back.


    Lawrencarchy primary beliefs are that Mondstadt's new rulers after Decarabian should be under the aristocrats which are all the family lineages of the heroes of Mondstadt's rebellion chosen by Barbatos himself.

    Early Aristocratic Era Beliefs


    In the Early Aristocratic Era, Mondstadt was ruled by three noble clans called Gunnhildr, Imunlaukr, and Lawrence all given power and chosen by Barbatos. The Aristocrats job was to provide to the people of Mondstadt and help give the people surpluses and enforce customs and traditions that better the people of Mondstadt. The aristocracy also help run festivals and hunt for the people of Mondstadt and afterwards shared the spoils with everyone. Gunnhildr mostly provides the weapons and defenses of Mondstadt. Immunlaukr were the ceremonial warriors that fought in gladiator battles to honor Barbatos.

    The Royal Mages

    The Royal Mages played a huge role in regulating the aristocracy by teaching the aristocrats tradition and instilling nobility and virtue into the aristocrats to make sure they can effectively bring betterment to the people. They also are historians and artifact keepers with their jobs keeping track of history of Mondstadt and records.

    The Church

    The Church was the religious body help keep Barbatos' and Istaroth's value in society as well as to help keep the faith for Barbatos and allow people to worship and praise Barbatos and Istaroth. Not much else is known about the Church during that time.

    Late Aristocratic Period

    During the Late Aristocratic Period Lawrence Clan became the head clan of all the aristocrats. Imunlaukr Clan went missing and all the other clans practically obeyed the Lawrence Clan as the Lawrence Clan became the dominant clan of Mondstadt alone. The Aristocrats mostly oppressed the common folk banning them from festivals and the riches were only given to the aristocrats while most of the common folk were impoverished. Gladiator fights that once were religious ceremonies became sports for entertainment for the nobility. Most things that commoners used to enjoy became only privileges for the aristocrats. The royal mages stopped instilling virtue into the aristocrats and became just as bad as the aristocrats and worked alongside with them. Many records that went against the Lawrence Clan and their degeneracy were destroyed and even the statue was torn down. The Church still exists and still praises Barbatos but advocates for abstinence and getting rid of desires in order to avoid "Divine Punishment" though it was mostly a ruse to benefit the Lawrence Clan. The clerics became corrupt and dined with the Lawrence Clan as well. The Starlit Knights were a group of knights made by the Lawrence Clan in order to enforce the Lawrence Clan's will and degeneracy.


    Lawrencarchy is often an elitist who likes to take pride and brag about his nobility. Lawrencarchy is a huge fan of etiquette and mannerism and won't even speak to you if you don't have the proper etiquette and mannerism. He takes part in so many traditions and loves them. These days Lawrencarchy is much hated by everyone else and often complains about how Mondstadt is now a degenerate mess though doesn't do much about it.

    In his early days though he was different, he was noble and mostly a warrior who actually want to be a hero and better the people's lives. He constantly loves sharing all his spoils when he goes out to hunt and is mostly joyful constantly putting up festivals for the people to enjoy. He would sometimes fight in gladiator battles in order to honor Barbatos and Istaroth


    The Aristocracy

    • Aristocracy - Mondstadt's rule was the greatest under the great rule of the aristocracy.
    • Traditionalism - I see you the nobelest one loves keeping the traditions and hates those peasants trying to destroy it.
    • Caste System - We the nobility are the ones who are priviliged to rule Mondstadt and not those silly knights.
    • Reactionaryism - Ah the times when I was the one ruling Mondstadt.
    • Combatocracy - Early times I love gladiator fights to worship Barbatos, then I loved gladiator fights for enjoyment. FUCK YOU VENNESSA THOUGH
    • Liyue Model - Love how you run things and have fine taste. I did not make a contract with him I solemnly swear!
    • Feudalism - Your aristocracy is very based and I love your love for tradition and virtue. But the knights stuff give me PTSD
    • Sunchild Theocracy - Your literally me but you have way more control over the people and even made your own puppet deity, wish I could do that after I got rid of Barbatos and Istaroth.
    • American Confederatism - We both are aristocratic and do things in the name of freedom and love to enslave people. Though most of your modern adherents are just pathetic peasants now.
    • Slavery - Vennessa and her pathetic tribe should be my slaves owned by me.
    • Authoritarian Libertarianism - I mean I have an aristocracy that does things in the name of freedom so it counts I guess.
    • Neo-Lawrencarchy - My descendants that are nostalgic about me but at least care about freedom, well in-name at least.

    The Lower Aristocracy

    • Enlightenment Thought - I used to be you in my early days but later I ditched him. Also most of my modern adherents are reactionaries now.
    • Schubertism - My more extreme son who wants to bring me back, I especially love your idea but you have to ally with those disastrously thieves.
    • Barbatos Theocracy - I used to worship him and even in the Late Aristocratic Era used him for power but his peasant variant is very cringe!
    • Istaroth Theocracy - I forgot about him by trying to destroy any records about him.
    • Triumviratism - The three clans Lawrence, Imunlaukr, and Gunnhildr used to be co-rulers divinely given by Mondstadt to rule but later on Lawrence Clan gained all the power and became the only clan that rules.
    • Barbatos Freedom - I helped rebel against Decarabian and helped build a free Mondstadt but now he hates me because of the aristocracy.
    • Welfarism - I used to share my spoils with the people after I went out to hunt but I abandoned you later on and just want to be rich myself.
    • Autocracy - I like elite rule but you remind me too much of a king.
    • White Nationalism - The Confederacy was based but many of you now are just pathetic peasants, even a white person can be an lowly disastrous peasant or even worse a slave.
    • Noocracy - In the early days, the royal mages would keep history and instill virtue and value on me, but later I disowned them.


    • Stratocracy - Aren't you just the Knights of Favonius.
    • Monarchism - Kings should have no place in Mondstadt the aristocracy should instead.
    • Tsaritsa Theocracy - They are scoundrels and thieves, I don't know why my son likes you though.
    • Lincolnism - You remind me of the stupid Knights of Favonius so remove!
    • Populism - These stupid peasants are rebelling against me!
    • Anti-Authoritarianism - How am I a tyrant! I was literally made to preserve freedom for Mondstadt.
    • Socialism - Stupid peasants that want to overthrow me.
    • Decarabian Theocracy - We will overthrow you and create a better Mondstadt.
    • SJW - Yes I am a slave owner, what's your point filthy commoner?
    • Celestia Theocracy - YOU ASCENDED WHO AGAIN?!

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