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    The Lavasteam Model is the political model of Lavasteam, the second village encountered in Drawn 2 Life: The Next Chapter. It was initially a village with a king who cared very much for the villagers, but by the time the hero arrived, it was already under the influence of Wilfre and has seen a surge in authoritarianism. Wilfre (disguised as Salem) convinced the king, King Miney, that his brother, Moe, and head worker, Key, would betray him. He also mentioned Lavasteam itself would fail because of his kindness and in order to stop this, he would need to make the robosa, which were originally built to assist the miners, force the miners to work harder. Lavasteam specializes in mining and banya crystals.

    Now because King Miney is, besides a king, also categorized as a "mayor", it is possible that the government of Lavasteam is an Elective Monarchy.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Give it rabbit-like ears and some fluff on its cheeks.
    3. Fill it grey and keep a circular area colored apricot where its face would be.
    4. Add the eyes.
    5. Give it a crown to wear

    You're done!

    Stylistic Naotes

    • The design above is meant to look like King Miney, but if you want your Raposa ball to look like one of the villagers, then instead of a crown, give it a mining helmet if it's a male or a bonnet if it's female.
    • You may also color orange if it's a female or a young male instead of grey.



    • Elective Monarchism - Mayor kings? Sounds dandy to me.
    • Industrialism - I have done a terrible thing and don't deserve forgiveness. While I am no longer "King" Miney, I shall dedicate myself to rebuilding Lavasteam to its former glory.
    • Banana Republicanism - Did somebody say banya? 'Cause were very dependent on banya crystals.


    • Post-Humanism - You Robosa were good assistants before you were re-programed to enslave us.


    • Wilfreism - I was a fool to listen to that Salem. The Robosa, the factory... It was all supposed to be for the good of the village. That's what I lost sight of.

    Further Information

    Drawn to Life wiki

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