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    How to get it?

    1. Kardashev Level I.
    2. Reclaim Mainland or even create World-Federation but not neolib economics.
    3. Colonize Mars.
    4. End of Starvation.
    5. End of ineuqality and hierarchies.


    Late Stage Celfloskism is a Left-Center ideology, which run after Celfloskyism about 400 to 1000 years or Kardashev 1.0. Star Exploring and Developing them are the most important part. It believes all ethnics are Equality. The Border should welcome for foreigners, immigrants, refugees. Faiths must to be freedom.

    Techology Views


    It believes that technology should transhumanism because it doesn't ready to be a half-robot likes Cybrog of Teen Titans. And abominate Post-Humanism because it will destroy our spiritals, nature native, humanity, personal freedom even compassions. Here is the reason why Post-Humanism is a Psychopathic:

    1. You can't have self-thoughts.
    2. Cybrog big brother always watching you.
    3. There's no family.
    4. All types of traditions are obliterated.
    5. No Religious.
    6. You don't have any compassions because you're a robot, espectally without emotions. But there's an Extra Case:Ritsu of Assaination Classroom


    It believes government should follow Luck Egalitarianism, helps disableds' body and improve the gene, also people choose to be human. And uses tech to live longer than now. But the eugenicism and massive genocide to improve the gene are unacceptable to it even are deadly sins.


    Their VR skill is so high that can let anime charters rebuilt in Real World by VR macine even you can use your design.
    Same as above, this technology can Vituralize people, too.

    Alt-World Game Laws

    Based on safety, there shouldn't let SAO event happened again. It believes all equipment of Alt-World Games should be checked correctly before it on Market. On the other hand, if the staff's accident happened and let the victims of dead reborn in another world, the staff will be done.

    Founding Machine

    Did you think someone but not clearly?
    Did you often meet someone's name in your dream?
    Then you can go to our service station and we can help you when you miss him/her. Except you wanna do some bad things. This machine can search your memory and match you want. With this machine, you can find your love not as far as 1 years and get brighter future.

    This Machine's idea mainly from the movie- Ki Mi No Nawa althought it at least 405 years old.

    Universe Exploring

    It thinks people on earth is too crowded, it has to explore other solar systems even wat to build an empire(No more Genocide) and respect other Intelligence lives. For this, it will spend more tax on it.
    They also have Spaceships to use on trans solar systems transport, but just free for servants. You still have to spend your money

    Nuclear Science

    They want to know what is the most heavy elements. Safety first, The labs and lifeful planets distance 100 light years.

    Thought on IoT

    However the IoT is dangerous not dangerous anymore becuase it gives them emotion. Now they're looks like a Normal-Human.

    Speed of Technology Development

    • Kardashev 1.0 to 3.0 Scale 0.1 per 1000yrs(Until Expanding to Other Galaxies)

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