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    what happened

    I am a lot more laid back than before because I have taken time to reflect on myself and have become more artistic like taking a liking to music, and comics.

    Ideologies that represent me

    Patcon.png paternalistic conservatism
    Fash.png fascism


    I am mainly economically center I like the free market but I do not think that taxes are well spent I also think that things like gun control should put in place I believe all drugs should be illegal because of the negative side effects alcohol should be regulated heavily where you can only have alcohol if you don have mental illness you can have it and you can have it only at certain amounts in certain amount of time.I as well think that taxes should be increased on the rich to benefit the poor.


    Like before I am against drugs and want regulated guns/alcohol but beyond that I am anti LGBT+,prostitution,abortion, and riots I believe in autocratic dictatorship not so much like italian fascism because I am a civic nationalist and do not like war. I am also against global warming but I will not pull a joe biden and increase gas prices I would instead start increasing the market for electric vehicles and make trains more viable in the U.S.A by placing more of them.

    how I would deal with the lgbt

    The LGBT would be sent to reeducation camps to relearn what a normal relationship is supposed to be like.

    how to deal with abortion

    Abortion would be illegalised and people who were raped should be given therapy paid by the government.

    climate change

    climate change is a problem I think we need to stop it we need to shift over slowly to electric and nuclear-powered energy for our normal activities.

    theory I like

    The doctrine of fascism - Benito Mussolini Fash.png

    songs I like

    hooked on a feeling come and get your lovepaint it black get lucky bad to the bone tnt thunderstruck wake me up before you gogo



    NatPolPotSmallerEye.png National Pol Potism - Pretty cool only thing is that i dont like the racism part and killing intellectuals.

    Alaois2.png ComradeAlaois - I really like your ideology the only thing is that your page doesn't have enough to tell me what I mainly want so this might be temporary


    Rock.png Rocksism - even though i disagree with almost everything you say you were nice and made me a pixil art for my ball so thanks. Yoda8soup.pngYoda8soup - I like your economics and viewing on climate change but this is a big biggie we are heavily socially and government size differing.


    O'Langism.png O'Langism - literally my almost opposite

    Ashley.png AshleyHere - another opposite the only thing worse is that you are a lesbian.

    Stilluserricon.png Stilluserr's Thought - I like your economics but the thing is that you social stances are not that great I would say you should also drop the progressive conservatism because those 2 thing cancel each other out I really think you are just a progressive not anywhere near conservative.

    Panth.pngPantheonism - My literal opposite also monarchy is the divine right of kings the right given by god and you say Christian theocracy is the worst.


    • Rock.png Rocksism - I saw you were struggling with making an icon for your art, so here's one: Lanceism.png

    Stilluserricon.png Stilluserr's Thought - We are the same age.Can you add me?

    O'Langism.png O'Langism - dude these danm commies amirite

    Alaois2.png ComradeAlaois - Work on your page, read smth and add me.

    • Alaois2.png ComradeAlaois - btw i made a decent image for your page, reply if you want me to change it.
    Lanceism.png lanceism I give you permission

    Panth.pngPantheonism - Add me you bundle of sticks.

    • Panth.pngPantheonism - Do you seriously think non-Christian Monarchies don't exist?
    • O'Langism.png O'Langism - Oh, I get it, because a bundle of sticks like fascism. Sorry I'll get off your lawn now.
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