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    Labour Democracy is a reformist branch of socialism that views total state enforcement of social ownership as an unacceptable act of tyrrany. It instead promotes widespread implementation of economic democracy and workers' self management, allowing workers within existing firms to operate in line with their collective interests. This would then provide an organic mechanism through which a privately owned firm could eventually become a worker-owned co-operative, without coercion from the state.


    The State

    Labour Democracy is not strictly oppposed to state-operated industry, but advocates for industries that have previously been nationalised to become fully socialised, developing into systems where production is administered by the state, but controlled and coordinated by organisations of workers.

    It aims to use these socialised industries as a model for worker-organised socialism in the wider economy, encouraging workers to use their democratic power to form similar socialised industries.

    It also views the state as important in providing welfare, something which would not necessarily be guaranteed even under a fully-functioning socialist economy.

    Production & Distribution

    Many systems of production and distribution could function under Labour Democracy, but market socialism would be a likely first step, as it operates in line with the current liberal consensus, so would be easier to implement, while still providing relative freedom for workers.

    A sufficiently developed form of Labour Democracy could come to resemble one of the many forms of libertarian socialism.

    Other systems of production and distribution that could develop under Labour Democracy include:

    Co-operative socialism
    Libertarian market socialism
    Liberal socialism
    Classical social democracy

    ...and others...


    Labour Democracy positions itself as democratic first and socialist second. It specifically supports a system based on liberal democracy, with multiple competing parties. Because of this, it aims not to establish an unchangeable societal structure, but rather to implement pragmatic policies that can bring greater democracy to the workplace and advance a shift towards socialism.

    Aside from electoral politics, it also supports the use of workers' collective bargaining power to secure rights, from the state and from private employers, with strikes and protests in particular being viewed as effective and essential methods of social and economic democracy.

    It views workplace democracy as an expansion of existing democracy, arguing that the current system within liberalism only upholds representative party-political democracy, when other forms of democracy are equally as important.




    • - Life and liberty are cool, but do you really think people have a 'right' to property?



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