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    LaRoucheism was the ideology of late American political activist, convicted fraudster and alleged cult leader Lyndon LaRouche (1923-2019) and his movement. LaRouche was originally a Marxist, but later shifted to the right and began supporting the American System/School, and developed a political organization with a worldwide following. He ran for president 8 times between 1976 and 2004, one time from jail due to being arrested for mail fraud. He hated many things, mainly Britain, Henry Kissigner and Zionism.


    Lyndon LaRouche was born in New Hampshire. He came from a Quaker family, and served in Asia during World War II. He later became a supporter of Marxist politics and by 1960s was involved in splinter groups that were increasingly radical and violent. Later, he moved to the right and estabilished ties to extremist groups, although the ideology remained syncretic overall. LaRouche ran for president 8 times from 1976 to 2004. The LaRouche movement achieved its largest victory in 1986, when members won several state primaries in Illinois. LaRouchites became known for bullying and harassing former members and opposing journalists and politicians. In 1988, LaRouche and 11 others were arrested for mail fraud and obstruction of justice. He was sentenced to 15 years in jail, but only served five years. In 2019, LaRouche died and his wife, a German nationalist took control of his movement.


    The beliefs of the LaRouche movement are varied but are a based on the founder of the movement Lyndon LaRouche.


    The economic views of LaRouche are similar to U.S. president Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, however much more protectionist. On economic issue it supports a form of heavily regulated capitalism, also being against globalization and free trade. It has supported a wide range of legislation in the U.S. with one of the main goals in the LaRouche movement being to restore Glass-Steagle, though it has also supported the Bretton Woods system of international exchange rates, capital controls and other currency controls, abolition of the IMF, and opposing the Gramm–Rudman balanced-budget law.

    It is very against the current banks in America, primarily due to the numerous conspiracy theories it associates with them, it has gone against granting banks bailouts, supports abolishing the central bank system and federal reserve in favor of establishing a national bank which would be a commercial bank that would loan money to the government via an American credit system, a moratorium on farm debt, a moratorium on bank foreclosures, and freezing mortgages to adjust their prices.

    LaRouche places a heavy emphasis on infrastructure projects financed through the national bank, both internationally and abroad, the movement has supported building high speed rail across the U.S., a Bering Straight crossing, building nuclear power plants, NAWAPA, and rebuilding the U.S. steel industry. It also supports in basic terms an economy not viewed from the basis of money and speculation but from production and supports the building of economic infrastructure to support increased production and access of population to energy, housing, etc.


    LaRoucheism believes in a return to classical culture, especially classical music as it believes that modern music has become influenced by the British and is now Satanic and meant to brainwash people. It also advocates for a return to Verdi tuning in classical music, or playing it at 432 HZ.


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