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    File:LARPism symbol.png
    Flag of LARPism

    LARPism, also known as LARPerism, is a cultural ideology that advocates for LARPing, and that believs that LARP should be the basis of society. For example, LARPing being be practiced by everyone, or the politics and economic views should be based on LARP and LARPing.


    LARPism believes that everyone must become a LARP character, and that nations should become LARP nations. Many LARPists use LARP nations like Kekistan as inspiration for their nations, even using File:Pcb racenat icon.png racial nationalism, ethno-nationalism, left-wing nationalism, nativianism and File:Neo-Ancientism.png neo-ancientism to make the LARPist nations.

    Types of LARPing

    Most LARPers live as if it was a medieval larp, however there are modern LARPs and even futurist LARPs. Nonhuman LARPs such as otherkin larperism and starseed larperism are also allowed, and even encouraged, as well as ideological larpism.

    LARPers are also common within supporters of extreme political ideologies, most notably Reactionarism, Ultraprogressivism, Marxism–Leninism, National Socialism, Anarcho-Communism and Anarcho-Capitalism.




    • Egoism - You agree that nations and cultures are spooks, but that's not a bad thing! plus you're kinda a larper yourself
    • Cultural Nationalism - This isn't a geeky fandom! This is real culture!



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