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    The Centre Party is a LibRight-leaning, Culturally Left, Environmentalist, Feminist and Liberal party in Sweden.

    The party was originally a Farm.png Farmers' Party and focused a lot on the rural population. However, in recent times the party has started focusing more on young, urban women with a heavy emphasis on Fem.png Feminist politics.

    Despite its name and self-image it's hard to call the party a Centrist-yellow.png Centrist party. It has many, comparably, radical ideas and non-centrist positions, but when put together they average out. It can therefore be considered a Radcent.png Radical centrist party.

    One of its core tenets is that of Cap.png the free market. It is, ModPartyicon.png arguably, the party with the biggest focus on the free market out of the main parties in Sweden. The strive for a free market can also be linked to the party's big love for "freedom".

    It is generally pretty Prog-u.png progressive. It supports policies such as Abort.png Abortion, Fem.png Feminism, Gay.png Free love, World.png Open borders and Civlibert.png An expansion of rights. Their Youth organization is especially focused on the expansion of rights with some pretty Incestism.png Suspicious opinions.

    The party has been criticized for using Mach.png manipulative tactics to gain power. The abandonment of their core values for political power is something that the party has been accused of.






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