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    Kuzism©/Rule of the peasant is an ideology invented and slowly-developed by kuztral, Kuzism is an ideology where's a wealthy council and the peasantry council control over the states, however the wealthy solely rules the government partially, located economically in centre-left and Culturally centre-left and left-unity


    • Kuzism believe that peasant council & businesses council should unified together in order to established a government and advocates peasant council to control means of production.
    • Kuzism aims to establish:
      • progressive taxation
      • provision of free healthcare & educational services
      • implementation of distributism economy
      • anti-racism policies
      • separation of religion & politic
      • freedom of speech (excluding worker rights).
    • Kuzism president/PM seeks to increases peasant wages as a message that they value the peasantry very much.
    • Kuzism believe all individual with peasant descendant must get a free land
    • Most Kuzism follow modern agrarian method, which is why kuzism is not conservatism


    • Kuzism is rebellious in socialist states.
    • Kuzism is usually kind in sharing.
    • Kuzism is sensitive to labour wages being increased more than farmers' wages.

    How to Draw


    Flag of Kuzism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill the ball with yellow banana colour.
    3. Draw the white arrow exactly like the flag.
    4. Add the eyes.
    5. If you want accessories, add a cream patrol cap.
    6. Done.
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Banana Yellow #FFE070 255, 224, 112
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255


    1. Just changes the arrow colour to dark red
    2. And done.




    Anti-Authoritarianism - Mother, somehow I love your idea against someone who always watch every step of our move
    Agrarianism - Father, I miss when we always farming in our old county
    Distributism - Childhood friend, Tbh I relate to you back when we met
    Radicalism - Gotta love thy ideas with empathy
    Abolitionism - FREE THE SLAVE! USE MACHINE!
    Welfarism - I'm not gonna regret meeting you with your cool empathy ideas too
    Social Democracy - the same as my friend above
    Collectivism - Man, I love this book that I borrowed from the library!
    Anti-Communism - Agree, peasant is only a symbolization of communism >:(
    Anti-Racism - Mhm agree, agree! Racism is the inhibitor of farmer, we must unite to eat! >:(
    Anti-Socialism - Agree dude, Why can't they just accept the wages they had and why start rebelling instead? what a non-grateful infant!
    Pacifism - I love having tea time with ya!
    Secularism - You're a best psychiatrist I ever had..
    Capitalism - My partner in business.
    Environmentalism - Gotta keep them mother nature safe!


    Progressivism - I do agree using a machine instead of just hoe, but please don't replace us with the machine!
    Ruralism - I agree and feel sorry for your country being replaced with urban... but anyway (give money and whisper) just don't work with the conservatist..
    Yellow socialism - I only use your idea.
    Feminism - yes.. yes.. I agree with your guys freedom, just don't take it too far with misandry.


    Conservatism - The end of one chapter(Tradition) is the beginning of a new one(Progress)
    Anarchism - *discombobulate anarch with bread* WHAT ARE YOU!? (Anarchism: An idiot stateless..)



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