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    I put my althists and larp here jajajaja Sillyism.png - Ziółkball.png Kultokrat
    NSL.png Pirate Tails - This actually never happened
    Also, I might use this page to play around with UI and shit and put random silly stuff.

    Pommern Gloria

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    Great Powers

    WesternPomerania.png Kingdom of Pomerania Moncon.png - The Kingdom of Pomerania is a northern European nation and part of the Mittelpakt with Pilsudski.png Poland and its puppet states. Its economy is based on mercantilism and trade, and it began to grow in relevance mostly after the great war, where it overtook Enlightmon.png Prussia as the leader of the Germanic nations and inherited its puppets. Puppet states are: Revmon.png Kingdom of Baltica, Cosmocon.png Republic of Hannover, Bonaparte.png Kingdom of Rhineland, Moncon.png Selswig-Holstein, LibMon.png Duchy of Luxembourg, Ethenvyicon.png Kingdom of Kherson.
    Pomerania entered the great war due to its Alliance with Pilsudski.png Poland and Conmon.png Romania and initally faced failure, eventually Enlightmon.png Prussian troops were even outside of ščećne. However the city managed to hold out until the Pilsudski.png Polish managed to crack the Enlightmon.png Prussian radio lines and codes without their knowledge and Pushed through the duchy of Posen and connected with the Pomeranian troops up north. Eventually the war was won by Pomerania and its allies giving it two puppet states in the east in the form of Revmon.png Baltica and Ethenvyicon.png Kherson. Pomerania was in debt but managed to offset its debt by levving high war reperations on Tsar.png Russia. In 1919 Prussian troops in Somalia and Gabon switched sides to the Pomeranians, and the colonies fell in the hands of Pomerania, who then started a long military campaign to unite the colonies, most of the colonial troops died so a buffer state was created in the Nigeria-northern chad region in 1921. In 1920 when Libconserv3.png French troops pulled out of Ethenvyicon.png Kherson and Revmon.png Baltica the administration of the region collapsed and multiple independence revolts broke out, Pomerania promised Tsar.png Russia that they would remove the war reperations if they helped quell the rebellions. This however wasnt enough and Authdem.png Ukraine, Natcom-Alt.png Belarus, ML.png Estonia and MSocdem.png Latvia went independent, Revmon.png Baltica managed to be maintained in Samogitia and the Ethenvyicon.png kherson regime in Southern Ukraine. In 1921 a communist revolution broke out in NaziTroticon.png Prussia and the revolutionary army crossed the border into ostmark, a now Pomeranian territory, most of the Pomeranian army was in Revmon.png Baltica and was unable to effectively defend at first, a new force called the freikorps which were mostly French and Pomeranian veterans were mobilised and they managed to hold the NaziTroticon.png Prussians off until the main army arrived. Later Pomerania would launch an offensive on selswig Holstein and Brandenburg until the revolutionaries surrendered. Moncon.png Selswig-holstein was made into a Pomeranian puppet state. Then in 1922 two crisises hit Pomerania, a communist revolution in Cosmocon.png Hannover sponsored by the NaziTroticon.png Brandenburgians and a revolution in Tsar.png Russia to abolish the monarchy. Pomerania chose to focus on the Guildsoc.png Hannover revolution and sent its armied into Guildsoc.png hannover to crush the revolution, then made a puppet state out of Cosmocon.png hannover. In the east only the Kherson army occupied a railway to connect Ethenvyicon.png Kherson to the Pomeranian indian colonies. In 1930 Sep.png Luxembourg started an independence revolt against Strato-Antifurry.png Rhineland and managed to almost get to the capital. Pomerania made a deal with Louis Prince Napoléon, who was exiled out of Libconserv3.png France. Napoleon proclaimed himself the Emperor of Bonaparte.png the Rhineland and in return for Pomeranian support in couping the government became a puppet state to Pomerania, after negotiations LibMon.png Luxembourg was also released as a puppet state and Bonaparte.png Rhineland was lowered in rank from an Empire to a Kingdom. Pomerania then supported Conmon.png Greece in the Greek-Turkish war and took Lebanon as a colony. In 1933 Pomerania formed the German economic union with its puppet states, and Abmon.png Bavaria applied and was allowed entry in 1934, Banana Republicanism.png Silesia was then allowed entry in 1935.

    Cball-France.png French Republic Libconserv3.png - The French Republic has seen massive economic growth ever since being on the winning side of the Great war. Being separated from the main battles by what was then the Strato-Antifurry.png Republic of Rhineland, it only participated in fighting in Dem.png Belgium and Synclib.png The Netherlands and gave massive loans to Pilsudski.png Poland and Monarch.png Romania which had to be paid back. However, France has a small army, and this might be a problem in a militarizing world. France has no Puppet states.

    Cball-Italy.png Kingdom of Italy Fash.png - The ideas of Fascism developed by Benito Mussolini became popular after Dalmatia was annexed into Serrad.png Balkslavia, became the main opposition after the NaziTroticon.png Prussian revolution (leading to a European wide red scare) and took power after Libconserv3.png France and Moncon.png Pomerania denied Italian entry into the Greek-Turkish war. Italy is allied with SwissNat.pngThe Swiss state, Austronazi.png The Austrian Reich and Ethenvyicon.pngThe Duchy of Croatia

    Cball-Japan.png Empire of Japan Showa.png - The Empire of the rising sun started to modernize in the late 19th century, basing its socioeconomic and political systems on European equivalents. Japan didn't participate in the Great war and instead focused on spreading its influence in northern Asia and managed to contest StateTribeicon.png Siberia, AuthDem.png Jaxa, Cball-MongolEmpire.png The Tengri Empire and Moder.png Mongolia in relations to Tsar.png Russia as the Tsardom was busy with fighting. After Tsar.png Russia lost the great war, Japan became the dominant influence in Siberia and despite these states being sovereign, this is not likely to last unless Anocracy.png Russia picks up the slack or Someone contests Japan.

    Cball-Netherlands.png Confederatie van Vrije Staten (CVS) Confed.png - Being the only state in the American continent with international eyes on it naturally puts it into the Great Powers list. Unfortunately for the CVS, none of its neighbours have positive views about it and the feeling is mostly mutual. CVS faces the biggest threat from Ultranat.png NeuPommern, a breakaway Pomeranian colony who might ally with AmericanModel.png Virginia.

    Interesting countries

    Cball-Poland.png Republic of Poland Pilsudski.png - After multiple partitions that really hurt the country, and finally the last partition in the congress of Vienna, The Emon.png Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was severely weakened and then lacked Lithuania. So after the congress of Vienna The Emon.png Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth reformed into the AgSocDem.png first republic of Poland, which mostly focused on internal development and ensuring its safety and independence. Poland in the late 19th century allied Conmon.png Romania and formed a mutual defence pact against Tsar.png Russia. In 1910 Józef Piłsudski orchestrated a coup on the government and started militarising and heavily industrialising the country and created a 3 way defence pact between Conmon.png Romania, Pilsudski.png Poland and Moncon.png Pomerania. When the Great war broke out Conmon.png Romania was had an obligation to Conmon.png Greece which pulled the entire pact into the war and since Moncon.png Pomerania had a secret alliance with Libconserv3.png France it pulled the French into the war too. After the victory in the war Poland aided the Moncon.png Pomeranians in the eastern crisis and the Greco-Turkish war and became one of the founding members of the Mittlepakt and despite gaining back most of Lithuania, never reformed the Emon.png Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

    Cball-Wales.png Kingdom of Wales Conmon.png - The Kingdom of Wales got its independence from the United Kingdom in the midst of the great war as Edward VIII was bribed by Libconserv3.png France and Moncon.png Pomerania in 1915 to start a rebellion and proclaim an independent Kingdom. After the victory in the great war Wales Inherited what was left of the British colonies except for parts of Trad.png Egypt and the North American colonies. In 1919 Wales invaded Tinism.png the free city of Nantes which lead to a diplomatic crisis, eventually Wales joined the mittlepakt to protect itself from Libconserv3.png France. In 1934 Wales along with Natcon.png Scotland and Leftnat.png Ireland created a Celtic economic union that would help their economic growth by cooperating and removing trade barriers between the countries. In 1935 riots across Sep.png Brittany began for calls of independence, and they still continue. Soon Wales will have to do something about them.

    Cball-Russia.png Russian Republic Anocracy.png - A terrible fate had hit this country in 1914, the Tsardom being a backwards society with barely any industrialisation and barely any allies entered the war to protect its interests in the Balkans. This lead to only further problems and a frontal invasion of Russia by the Coalition Powers, eventually after the fall of Petrograd, the Tsardom surrendered and lost a large amount of its European lands to newly created puppet states. In 1920 the Eastern crisis broke out and the Tsardom once again had to fight in Europe against seperatists in Authdem.png Ukraine, Natcom-Alt.png Belarus, ML.png Estonia and MSocdem.png Latvia to satisfy the ever more exploitative Moncon.png Pomerania. Once again Russia was on the losing side in a war. This lead to a revolution in Petrograd that abolished the monarchy in 1922, in which Moncon.png Pomerania occupied the Donetsk-Qalat railway. Russia then faced another 2 reccesions in 1925 and 1933 and the pseudo-democratic Kerensky regime is on the verge of collapse, the country is destined to civil war soon as the Fascists, democrats, communists and Tsarist restorationists refuse to collaborate and fight with the government and between themselves.

    Schizo Świat


    Super Powers

    Cball-PolishFed.png Commonwealth of the Polish-Russian Federations Nadzieja.png - What is considered the most powerful superpower, the influence of the CPRF reaches all continents and the ideology of nationalism is now in one way or another practised globally. It is an active participant in the race for Siberia via the ZZball.png ZZ governorate of Siberia and the leader of the EuroNat.png New European Union. The state came into being after Putin.png The Russian Federation collapsed due to the death of Putin. When the Polish Federation invaded Lukash.png Belarus (soon followed by most of European Russia which was under the state of anarchy or warlords) to dissolve the Union state in favour of the CPRF. It then went on to being the colonisation of Antarctica and Invade the Philippines.

    Cball-North Korea.png Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea Juche.png - After the fall of XiJinpingThoughtf.pngChina due to the death of Xi Jingping, the democratic revolt and subsequent CSTO invasion, The DPRK took the opportunity to expand into Southern Manchuria. After the invasion was over, not wanting to face the issue of administering a billion of rebellious people, the CSTO countries allowed the DPRK to administer the newly created Leftnat.png autonomous Chinese federation and it itself joined the federation as the leading state. During the CSTO invasion of PanAmer.png the North American Federation, the DPRK assisted the CSTO and was rewarded with Alaska after the war. Nowadays, the DPRK practices autarky and relative isolationism but despite this exports weapons and therefore has strong influence in states which follow a socialist economic model.

    Cball-Australia.png The Oceanic Federation Statlib.png - After the 2nd spring of nations in Europe lead to the dissolution of the BoJo.png UK, many Englishmen fled to Socdem.png Australia, including the royal family. Hearing stories of Celtic oppression and seeing the openness of the CSTO to use military means to achieve their goals, Socdem.png Australia and Progress.png New Zealand started closer integration and decided to create a fortress out of their islands whilst opening their borders fully to refugees. After a revolt funded by the NeoShowa.png Japanese broke up in Darwin to establish a nationalist state was crushed, Progress.png New Zealand and Socdem.png Australia formed a union and started enacting more and more authoritarian policies, to keep progressivism alive in a world of reactionary action. When they heard that the CPRF established a small outpost in Antarctica, the oceanic federation did the same.

    Interesting countries

    ZZball.png The Zabójcy Zła Organisation Ultranat.png - Also known as the anglicised 'Killers of evil' organisation was formed from within Nadzieja.png Poland as a part of their espionage agency, eventually it started to grow so large it grew out of being an organisation at first appearing to create their own states, with the allowance of Nadzieja.png Poland, in CompassionConservF.png Nigeria and AnNih.png Sudan. These new states had different goals which would aid in making the organisation and Nadzieja.png Poland more powerful, which allowed for them to start having an army size comparable to actual nations. Over time, they started being used as the main Polish army for intervention, whilst the Army of Nadzieja.png Poland, and then Nadzieja.png CPRF is mainly used for self-defence and European conflicts.

    Unnamed (aka RP world)


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