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    The Kranoterism abbreviated Krano is an authoritarian right-wing ideology, culturally conservative and civically statist to authoritarian and capitalist it is based on the National Conservatism, but with elements of Paleoconservatism mixing it with a semi-direct democracy


    Spaniard Nationalism

    Kranoterism believes that the nation is the most important thing and that its nation Spain must be protected, against the dangers that may appear and is neither expansionist nor imperialist since it respects the national sovereignty of other countries


    An important belief of Kranoterism is that it thinks that tradition defines us as people and for them we must be faithful to it, The values that it promotes the most would be: The Family, Christian values and Morality and it can also sometimes be a Reactionary

    Free Market Capitalism

    The economics of kranoterism is based mainly on capitalism based mainly on The Markets and The Supply and Demand his favorite school of economics is Chicago It should be noted that he mostly supports the free market, but with some companies are protectionist


    Kranoterism is a Catholic Christian from a very young age, He hates Pagan religions but the religion he hates the most is Islam

    Law and Order

    Kranoterism believes that the state is not bad and that it should have a somewhat large size, but does not want to reach the Totalitarism since this is a tyranny which he does not accept, also that the main use of the state is to protect the "Spanish Community"

    Semi-Direct Democracy

    Kranoterianism thinks that the democratic system is not the best but it is the most effective, basically it wants a mix between the representative and the direct that the governors manage the main things but that the citizens have some sovereignty to control their governments

    Nationalist Anti-Interventionism

    Kranoterism in diplomatic views thinks that it should put the interests of the nation above anyone else and always thinking if it will benefit the nation or otherwise affect it negatively, in a matter of intervention it opposes the ideas of Neoconservatism as he sees something useless meddling in external affairs supporting the Isolationism

    Blue Environment

    Kranoterism believes that the environment itself is important to care for but at the same time likes industrialism and tries to balance these two being Indutrialist and Eco-Conservatist


    Kranoterism is an ideology that is against the ""Rights"" LGBT because it sees it as one of the greatest allies and promoters of progressivism, But it should be clarified that it is not so extreme in this regard and I would respect an LGBT person against their will


    The first time that Krano was related to politics was in 2015 specifically to accompany his parents to vote in the Regional elections of Andalusia although he did not give importance to that because he was not interested at that time and so he continued accompanying his parents to vote until 2020 for the Covid Pandemic, which he wanted to know out of curiosity because he had to spend a quarantine at home, after investigating he learned about the political parties in Spain that He recognized them from the times accompanied by his parents and I explored him more thoroughly. I saw that he had ideologies that he did not know. The only one he knew was the Feminism of how indoctrinated they had him in his school, he discovered all that, but then he left it for a while, specifically about 5 months later he enters this again, thanks to discord on a server who were talking about that, that a guy from the server read I explain the whole world with his view of Ancap although currently it is no longer, I explain the whole world of the politics that he did he passed his first test the original political compass with this Result The guy only told him that it was libleft and then he wanted to find an ideology that would identify him that for him it was the Social Liberalism although according to Slavreich it really was a Social Democratic after that I tried doing another test like the nolan diagram, the politiscale, etc, after that he started to be interested in Spanish politics and saw that party as PSOE and Podemos They were liars and with their stupid ideas they were leading their country to ruin and he began to think in opposition to them and became a voter of Vox since for him It was the true party that cares about Spain and the one that did the best



    • Reactionary Liberalism - You are what most resembles my political theory
    • National Conservatism - Basically me in the praxis
    • Paleoconservatism - Not bad, The United States of America would be better with you
    • Semi-Direct Democracy - N I C E
    • Eco-Conservatism - You taught me how to take care of my natural habitat in the least possible way
    • Carlism - ¡Cálzame las alpargatas, Dame la boina, carga el fusil, Cálzame las alpargatas, Dame la boina, carga el fusil! ¡Que voy a matar más guiris, Que voy a matar más guiris, Que voy a matar más guiris, Que flores tienen mayo y abril!
    • Nationalism - ¡Viva España! ¡Alzad las frentes, hijos del pueblo español, que vuelve a resurgir!
    • Authoritarian Conservatism - I love to keep Law and Order with you
    • Cultural Nationalism - The best concept of nationalism, without a doubt
    • Conservatism - Keeping traditions is a great idea






  • Metbolism - Based Department is calling you
  • Silly Chimpism - MAKE FINLAND GREAT AGAIN!
  • TypicalFan1 Thought - Great friend of mine, you are a figure to follow
  • SomeCrusaderism - Not bad, the vast majority of things are based
  • Semi-Based


    • National Social Liberalism - Nice guy, although your ideology is bringe, I like nationalism and your capitalism, but mixing it with progressivism ruins it
    • Heinrich-Cheungism - It is true that most things have a lot of based, but some like transhumanism, oligarchy, Aryanism and immortality that I did not like
    • Bman thought - I don't really like the economic section and culturally it seems good (In the west) but not in other sites, otherwise it's fine


    • Neo-Immorxism - The Traditionalism, Nationalism and Ecology is fine, but I don't like the rest
    • Left Corporatocracy - From what I've seen, the only things I like are capitalism and environmentalism, the rest no



    Krano is nationalistic and very traditional, he loves to pray before going to sleep, he can usually be seen in discord speaking in any group just for entertainment, or if he does not play Victoria 2 and thus entertain himself, he speaks very bad English. he only knows the basics, that's why always use google translate if you are going to speak in English

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    National Conservatism
    Spanish Nationalism

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