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    Krabism describes the beliefs of Athena von Krab.


    I generally am just a progressive socialist. I have no incredibly detailed beliefs and philosophies on how every country should run mostly because this ideal society will never exist. Instead I have a vague set of values and opinions I carry with me into politics such as social justice for all, common people's involvement in their governance, distate for companies and high government power and a hatred for nationalism and fascism. Also robots are cool as fuck.

    Addressing the DemSoc allegations

    I called myself a DemSoc one time to Nguy and now everyone thinks I'm a DemSoc. In reality, that is what I dscribe myself for the sole reason that I am not democracy hater #1 and I haven't read about an alternate system as I find it a struggle to read theory.


    Fellow Chud tier

    • Harnold - Great person to talk to that has infected my sense of humour like a virus. VVin. my heliborker goes schwa schwa schwa
    • LA BRUJAAAA - Rlly nice, love chatting about dumb gay shit with you. VVin.
    • The Shillmeister - Just a fun human. (get it???). VVin.
    • 4Master - Just a cool person to talk to and be around. VVin.
    • Other PCB admins Without you this wiki wouldn't exist and I genuinely can't thank you enough for all the work you did and welcoming me in.. VVin.

    Neutral tier

    • Aycee - Hope you're doing well out there. Ultimately you are in neutral because although you were a great admin and a lot of your planned changes i would like to apply to the wiki, some decisions of yours have caused a cascade of events causing all hell to break loose basicly. Hopefully you're happier now.

    Cleverly Disguised Fascist tier

    How To Draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Erase the ball
    3. Draw a ball
    4. Fill it with white
    5. Erase the middle part
    6. Draw white and black squares everywhere.
    7. Add eyeliner eyes
    8. Add cat ears


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    - Well hello there
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