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    Kokoroism also the ideology of reddit user u/MyStomachHurtsToday is a culturally center-right, and Auth-Left ideology. Kokoroism's cultural views are Multiculturalism, Secularism, Environmentalism, and Feminism, being close to the beliefs of Conservative Feminism. Their economic views are a slightly regulated Market Socialist, and Utopian Socialist economy. Their civil views compromise of Authoritarianism, Autocracy, Federalism, Stratocracy, and Technocracy, meaning only scientists and military leaders are allowed to hold significant political power. Their diplomatic views are made up of moderate Globalism, and Militarism.

    Cultural Views Explanation:

    Kokoroism's cultural views are best described as an inclusive brand of Conservatism. They believe some traditions even support inclusive beliefs, an example would be their Feminist views. They believe that the progress of sexualization in society has lead to a degradation of women and only harms them, thus traditions need to be upheld to protect women. They believe in Multiculturalism because they believe every culture has something to offer. They see nothing wrong with LGBT as well, even supporting the organization, and anything that goes against it as abusive. They're Environmentalist and a Vegetarian and want that enforced. They are against drugs, alcohol, prostitution, and pornography as well.

    Economic Views Explanation:

    Kokoroism's economic views differ from Marxism's as it takes a pessimistic view of human nature (Most notably believing in human greed), loves markets and thinks Socialism will fail miserably without them, and prefers reform over revolution. They think the economy benefits from greed, and the only way to embrace this in Socialism, is in Market Socialism. They love competition, however they still want to add boundaries, like intervening in the market to go green, taxes to support welfare, military, etc, among preventing other things.

    Civil Views Explanation:

    Kokoroism's civil views are Authoritarian and Pro-Security over freedom. They believe the people are dumb and only military leaders and scientists should hold significant political power power. They still believe in elections, however only scientists and military leaders can be elected or vote, and when the specific leader is elected, they hold complete power and the next election takes place upon their death or resign. Kokoroism still believes the dictator has to be held back by a constitution to prevent government censorship and protect free speech. They also believe in state rights, letting them have their own constitution the dictator can't override.

    Diplomatic Views Explanation:

    Kokoroism's diplomatic views is a mix of opposition of Nationalism and Pacifism. They prefer moderate Globalism over extreme Globalism, and highly protest World Federalism. They think of Pacifism to be dumb, and in fact to be in direct opposition to Globalism as it doesn't actually defend people outside their own nation.




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