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    The Model of Kislevite's Tsarism is an ideology and form of government that we can find in the oblast of Kislev in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. It is culturally right-wing, although it must be noted that it is quite matriarcal, and that it is influenced a little by urban feudalism. Economically also right-wing

    Basic information


    The government is led by a monarch with unlimited powers, these alleged successors being Miska, Kislev's first ruler. However, although centralization has been prioritized, there is still a lot of autonomy among the vassals.

    All leaders are assessed in the terms of how well they can defend their people from outside threat. Often, this means that the peasants put up with new taxes, rather than risk weakening their defences, but it can also lead to the nobility withdrawing unpopular taxes, as discontent among the common folk makes for less effective warriors. This political climate ensures a mutual dependence of cooperation between various feuding nobles.

    The Frozen Court:

    As a way to maintain order among their vassals and assistants, the secret police were created. In addition to this, a number of rules of conduct must be followed in court, showing the nobles that the Tsarina is in charge. The court itself, which is centralized around the Ice Palace, is divided into categories according to its influence, being also variable due to the autonomy of some.

    Court rules:

    No one may turn his back on the Tzarina, which means backing away from her, primarily. She almost always leaves a room immediately after finishing a meeting, so people can leave easily.

    No one may sit in the Tzarina’s presence. Katarin has granted personal exceptions to this rule to a few valuable or influential individuals who have trouble standing for long periods. Even they tend to rise when she enters a room, the exceptions being those who no longer have legs.

    No one may stand behind the Tzarina. This rule is interpreted to mean everyone within the room must be within her field of vision and is only strictly enforced while she is seated. She normally stands for a few moments at her throne, to give people time to move into view.

    No one’s head may be higher than that of the Tzarina. Fortunately, she is a tall woman, and her throne is always raised on a high platform. People do have to bow when she enters or leaves a room, however.

    Nobody below the rank of boyar may speak directly to the Ice Queen, and boyars may only speak to her when invited to do so. While this is generally true, the Tzarina is known to make exceptions on a whim or in special circumstances.

    Katarin’s personal bodyguards are exempt from all of these rules, so they can do their job properly, and they always enter rooms ahead of her, both to check for threats and to warn courtiers that the Tzarina is about to arrive.

    Local gobermment:

    The main authority in the Kislevite settlements, are the Atamanas, who have great local power. Being in principle an inherited office, there are usually no surviving successors, in which case the best military leader is chosen. It should be noted that matrilineal marriages are often performed, with women being very influential.


    There are two systems of laws:

    • The Ungol system, more traditional and applied only in remote areas, its main section being the principle of collective responsibility.
    • The Gospodar system: More modern, and based on the imperial system, although including a somewhat fundamentalist influence, as well as include a behavioral system.


    She is very cold and distant, however, she will be very loyal and friendly to her allies. He likes to always stand out that he can and prove what he's worth, other than this he's very brave and intelligent. It has other elements of the current Empress, as it has been the ultimate driver of the modern system.

    How to draw

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    Coat of arms






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