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    Kirkism also known as Kirk, and Charlie Kirkism is a religous, culturally right, capitalist, nationalist, and Conservative, ideology.


    Kirkism personality is that of Charlie kirk and his supporters.


    In 2012, when Kirk was in high school, Kirk wrote an essay for the Breitbart News claiming to show liberal biases in his high school textbooks that led to an appearance on Fox. At a speaking engagement at Benedictine University's "Youth Empowerment Day," Kirk met Bill Montgomery, who was then a Tea Party-backed legislative candidate. Montgomery encouraged Kirk to get engaged in political activism full-time. He subsequently founded Turning Point USA, a "grass-roots organization to rival liberal groups such as MoveOn.org." Despite claiming to be grassroots, Turning Point USA has huge donors from Zionists and Koch brothers type organizations.

    In an interview with a magazine during the convention, Kirk said that while he "was not the world's biggest Donald Trump fan," he would vote for him, and that Trump's candidacy made Turning Point's mission more difficult.


    Charlie Kirk believes in Free Market Capitalism, calling it "the most moral system ever to exist."

    Despite wanting to flood it with Immigrants from the Third World, Kirk claims to love the United States of America.




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    • Fuentesism - I run away from debating this chad zoomer because he would destroy me and expose my huge big business donors.

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