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    Kira Kween Thought is a culturally and economically far-left, furry, and libertarian ideology based off the ideas of K1R4KW33N.

    Kira Kween Thought stresses the ideas of feminism, LGBTQ+ rights, direct democracy, environmentalism, revolution over reform, transhumanism, existentialism, Alter-globalization, egoism, national liberation, internationalism, mutual aid, and a leftist unity with anyone as authoritarian as MLs and anarchists that are as economically right-wing as mutualism or agorism in the form of market socialism (AnCaps aren't anarchists lol). In a Kweenist Commune, there will be armed revolutionary militias defending the commune from fascists, capitalists, reactionaries. A Kira Kweenist society will also have at least one worker-owned Himbo Hooters, as well as value decentralized redistribution of werewolf daddies and baras of all species to breed with the citizens of said society/commune.



    Stylistic Notes

    • Calls everyone "Comrade" and "bestie"
    • Despite being slightly inspird from egoism, the glasses aren't based of Stirner or egoism in general; rather, it's based off the fact that the creater of the PCBsona wears glasses irl.
    • Is bisexual and genderfluid

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle
    2. Draw a pair of glasses
    3. Add a tail that's similar of that of a lynxes, as well as two feline ears with tufts on it (to represent the polcompball form of Kira's fursona)
    4. Color the circle half black and half pink/red in a diagonal form
    5. Color the tail half red and half back
    6. Color in the ears Black with the fluff inside it being red, and you're done




    • Airisu.png Airisuism - I like a lot about you, just wish you could get over the fact that baras are more superior compared to femboys, although both are cool. Also, Vaush is cringe.
    • ML.png Marxism-Leninism - You're cool and all, just stop praising oppressive regimes.
    • Edwin.png Edwinism - Same as above, but you're a bit more based.
    • Annil.png Anarcho-Nihilism - The Russian Nihiilist Movement was cool and I like you, but you need therapy.
    • Ford.png Fordism - Cringe opposite of mine! But this "orgy porgy" stuff intrigues me...
    • Egoism.png Egoism - You're one of my main inspirations for my political philosophy, but you're kind of a selfish asshole and think communism and left unity is a spook.
    • Agorismf.png Agorism - We'd be friends if you were less lenient towards capitalism
    • Prog.png Progressivism - You have a good heart and all, but you need to realize that guns and other weapons should be completely legal. Also, stop simping for woke capitalism as this does nothing.
    • Anprim.png Anarcho-Primitivism - I appreciate your commitment to environmentalism, anti-capitalism, and anarchism and the likes- but I think going back to the past and destroying technology won't really do anything to help us.
    • Neo-Bsaheedism-icon.png Neo-Bsaheedism - You used to be based what happened to you :(
    • Nullball.png Nullism - I am all for left unity and nihilism, but you kinda scare me a little and the mandatory asexuality is cringe.
    • Conseil.png Conseilism - The rest about you is cringe, but I guess your economic views are tolerable.
    • Mutalist.png Mutualism - I like Proudhon in some ways but I'm kind of skeptical about the whole market thing.
    • Euanism-icon.png Euanism - We'd be friends but you're a l*beral succdem centrist.


    • National Traditionalism.png National Traditionalism - Stop trying to take me to horny jail, you fucking nazi!
    • Statlib.png State Liberalism - You're just the same as above but with helicopter pilots and dictators lol
    • Nazcapf.png National Capitalism - He's my opposite. What else do I have to add?



    Further Information



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