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    Short Description

    Kimno Thought is a Communist, Far-Left Marxist ideology originated from Kimno's theoretical, social and historical knowledge and interpretations. It originally came into being through Kimno's disillusionment with Anarchist movements. It is still under development.

    Basic Principles

    Political Journey

    Social Democrat > Democratic Socialist > Left Minarchist /Anarchist > Communist


    Organization & Councils

    The worker's councils are the ultimate representatives of the will of the working class. Do not be fooled by syndicalists. Trade unions are the tools of capital. They are not genuinely committed to representing the entire working class in the process of establishing a dictatorship of the proletariat, they have no interest in abolishing the firm and they have no interest in radically altering the current state of things. Their principles make clear their dependence on capitalism. Production directed by the syndicates means production under the direction of union leaders and not by proletarian self-management.

    As Anton Pannekoek established in his seminal work "Worker's Councils" The Workers' Councils are the form of self-government which in time to come will replace the forms of government of the old world. They are the form of organization during the transition, destroying capitalism and organizing production, in stark contrast to parliaments. Politics and economy are not unrelated fields. Social production is a unified endeavor that mustn't be divided into pointless firms. General regulation is the collective responsibility of all. Councils embody this philosophy. Delegates are not political representatives like parliaments, but simply messangers and well-articulated spokesmen that connect the international proletariat with one another.

    Class Dictatorship

    The Party

    Revolutionary Tactics


    Economic Calculation

    Abolition of Markets

    Abolition of Value

    The Councils

    The Transition


    Cultural Rebirth




    The Individual




    Marxist Humanism








    Jefbol Thought (///) We share the same views on the state, revolution & reform, market socialism and the spectacle. We are both apparently classical Marxists and left communists. I would have put you in Based, but you do mention you are anti-humanist (though i'm sure you have a good reason), and an egoist, so i bumped you down a category, just barley placing you in Great. I must say your essays are very well written, i enjoyed reading your page.

    NeoUnoGamerism (///) Since your page is incomplete i can't really say much, but i am definitely not a fan if Nietzsche or Stirner. I'm also not fond of nihilism at all. Still, Marxism and Left-Communism are essential pillars in my own model, and we both went down the anarchist to commie pipeline; therefore you get a provisional good rating


    Meridionalism (///) Market socialism is in its essence tainted by the ideology of the ruling class. The hell of capitalism is not the fact that the firm has a boss, it is the firm itself. Furthermore, it is implied on your page that you believe in a sort of republican parliamentary democracy, "Reformist Socialism" as you put it (correct me if i'm wrong). Put simply, if the socialist government is not proletarian and based on worker's self-managment at its core, the contradiction will resolve itself. Weakening the United States and establishing socialism in itself gives you points though. Your page is still not very complete, so you get a provisional meh rating.

    Enemies (Icky)

    Jump in the pit


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