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    Khrutu power is a black supremacist, totalitarian, economically far-left, culturally reactionary, Hutu fascist ideology based economically on the Revisionist Marxist-Leninist theories of Nikita Khrushchev (despite him being a white man). Khrutu Power mixes said economic policies with rapid black supremacist, Hutu Power, reactionary ideas.

    Khrutu Power has a complicated relationship with National Bolshevism (which actually is an inspiration of his). Like National Bolshevism, he mixes racial superiority and far-left economic ideas. However, being pro-black and anti-white, as well as embracing a revisionist line of Marxist thinking, he is often hated by members of the Nazbol Gang, especially Nazi-Maoism and Ethnoxhaism.

    Flag of Khrutu Power



    • National Bolshevism - I'm you applied to the black race. I AM a member of the Nazbol gang despite what those assholes () say.
    • Khrushchevism - Great economic policies. You're one of the good white people.
    • Hutu Power - Hutu Power!
    • Ethnic Nationalism - HUTU POWER!!!
    • Alt-Right Bolshevism - Good ally. We have our disagreements about racial stuff , but we basically have the same goals.
    • Xitlerism - I admire the way you handle racial minorities and religious idiots.
    • Fascist Communism - Best of both worlds baby!
    • State Atheism - Religion has always been used by whites to convince black people to submit to white. Forced atheism is the only way to solve it


    • White Juche - Calls me a revisionist, but at least we agree to keep white people and black people away from each other.
    • National Pol Potism - Can we be friends?


    • Nazi-Maoism - Stop calling me a revisionist! I am the true successor of National Bolshevism! NOT YOU!
    • Ethnoxhaism - Dogmatic white trash. Calls me a revisionist all the time.
    • Bi-Khrushchevism - Sick pervert who wants to shove his perversions on others. You give leftists a bad name.
    • National Stalinism - I'm making sure your ideology is a thing of the past.
    • Nazi Gorbachevism - Fucker, while I tried to restore true National Bolshevism, you betrayed National Bolshevism. You open society up to disgusting LIBERALS!!!

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