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    Khorrelism is an authoritarian left ideology that places high emphasis on class interest, nationality, self-defense, automation, self-determination, and pragmatism. In essence, Khorrelism argues that Social organism is the only correct way to analyze international relations. The ruling capitalist classes are seen as entities within the organism that not only infect other aspects of the nation by means of commodification, but also guide it toward policies that benefit only these capitalist classes. The nation, as Khorrelism sees it, is a group of people with common culture(s) that have a tendency to align with each other historically. Nations do not always have cohesive territory.

    Pertaining to the state, Khorrelism agrees with the concept of a "class dictatorship" as described by Marxism. States do not always rule over solely one nation; the state can dictate the politics of multiple nations to form a multinational country. For example, the United States of America is considered to be a multinational country, as Texans, Californians, African-Americans of many types, etc. are all nations of their own within a country dictated by the American "cancerous class".



    Nations that are dictated by a bourgeois state do not adhere to self-determination, even when paired with any other condition. Even the most open liberal democracy is a bourgeois dictatorship, as the bourgeoisie controls the people by means of socialization (the media, consumerism, etc.). They need not control the votes, as they already control the nation's way of thought. In these cases, the nation requires a thorough purge of all social classes considered "cancerous".


    Every people's state must protect the self-determination of the nation(s) that it is in place to secure. This purpose, of course, is to be fulfilled by any means necessary. For this reason, Khorrelism has an obsession with lazer weaponry, nuclear weaponry, the concept of kinetic bombardment, and all other means of mass destruction. The state must build a huge arsenal to protect the self-determination of the nation(s) against all cancers.


    Every person must look out for the interests of their nation. Khorrelism justifies international mutual aid between self-determining nations instead of imperialism, even with this in mind. Mutual aid is sustainable, while the imperialist dynamic is not sustainable.


    The state must seek to build the country's infrastructure through the use of heavily state-controlled markets, central planning, and even international trade (if necessary). Khorrelism places a lot of its attention on all kinds of automated industry and the use of artificial intelligence in all economic and social planning.


    Khorrelism is naturally paranoid and skeptical of the intentions of others. It is very obsessed with weapons of mass destruction and it seeks to build the largest arsenal of such weapons on the planet (especially in space). It also really likes to build huge underground complexes to serve as underground housing. Khorrelismball is quick to remind others that if it is to be undermined, it is not afraid to destroy all of humanity as we know it.


    Flag of Khorrelism

    The hammer represents Progress while the knife represents Self-Defense. It is supposed to portray Self-Defense protecting Progress.




    • Fascism - I agree with you on the nature of the state in certain regards, but you aren't all that well-read on modern political theory. Also, class-collaborationism is bad!
    • Dengism - I admire much about you, but you need to control your economy more... And what about some more WMDs?
    • Gift Corporatism - I get where you're coming from, but exchanges must be explicit in order to calculate central economic plans.


    Fuck You

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