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    KenoBentoism (Shadowism) is KenoBento's political views basically, even though they aren't into politics.


    Basically Shadow (oc)'s history, but its too complex sooo...


    Shadow believes in equal rights and is anti-war in some cases. They also believe people (except pedos, necros, murderers, and zoos) deserve a second chance.

    How to draw

    It's simple.

    1. Draw a ball with black outlines. (no circle tool)

    2. Color it dark gray. (any type, just not extremely black)

    3. Draw cat ears and a tail that are the same color as them.

    You are done!

    (Optional: Add a trans flag and/or a firearm of any kind.)



    Kinda Cringe/Neutral

    •   SJW - You're annoying, but I get where you're coming from.


    •   Ingsoc (in memes) - Removed gay porn :(
    •   Pink Capitalism - Stop pandering! We know when July comes, you disappear.
    •   Russian Fascism - I will burn your dumb Z ribbions.
    • Zyvikism - AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, your life is NOTHING. You serve ZERO purpose. You should kill yourself NOW. And give somebody else a piece of that oxygen, in ozone layer, that’s covered up so that we can breathe inside this blue trapped bubble. Because what are you here for? To worship me? Kill yourself! I mean that with a hundred percent with a thousand percent. Fuck off, I never actually liked you.
    •   Anti-Furry Nationalism - You know being in denial is unhealthy, right?

    my notes

    i suck at miraheze lol


    •   Io - Fixed some of the formating here, if you want to learn more how to do miraheze better i recommend just looking at the code of pages that are already made and seeing what does what, you will learn with time!
    •   Market Syndicalism - I have a feeling that you'll do great here.
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