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    Kekistani Nationalism is a memetic ideology which calls for the end of the supposed oppression of the ethnic "Kekistani" people of the fictional country of "Kekistan". It has origins in 4chan and /pol/ and has been associated with and used by supporters of Donald Trump and the Alt-Right during his run for president of the American 2016 presidential election.

    It has been described by some as white nationalist, anti-Semitic and fascist, while others defined it as, aside from purely being for fun and humor, an edgy parody of identity politics and a movement for free speech.


    Kekistani Government

    The president of kekistan is big man tyrone a popular youtuber who makes shitpost videos on demand. He is greatly admired by all Kekistanis for his contributions to the art of shitposting.

    Kekistani Identity

    Kekistani is a fictitious ethnic identity joked to be the ethnicity of shit-posters and trolls. It is claimed that they are oppressed by "normies" and excessive political correctness and that their homeland, Kekistan, is being invaded by other fictional countries such as "Normistan" and "Cuckistan", which are ruled by such normies.

    Cult of Kek

    The Cult of Kek is a joke religion that the Kekistani people believe in. Practitioners of the cult worship Kek (also known as Kuk or Keke), the Ancient Egyptian god of darkness and chaos who is depicted as a frog in his male form and depicted specifically as Pepe the Frog, who became very synonymous with the movement, in the memes. Other beliefs of the cult include the prophecy that Donald Trump will win the election, which did happen.


    Kekistani Nationalism carries the spirit of the edginess and humor of the internet from the 2015 era. He loves using 4chan, especially /pol/, and likes to push the limits of what he's allowed to say.

    He is hated by the cultural left who always get "triggered" at him for cracking offensive jokes. He is also disdained by genuine Fascists and Nazis who think he's an annoying little twat who's filling their turf (/pol/) with cringelords who think their stuff is a joke.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it in green.
    3. In the middle and to the left a bit, make a white circle and outline it black.
    4. Near and inside the circle, draw a thinner black circle outline.
    5. Inside of that draw a KEK rubric.
    6. Draw three vertical black lines.
    7. Draw a "K" on each side facing away from the line.
    8. Petruding from the center parts of the left, right, top and bottom of the newly created circle, draw a black line across the ball. It should be resembling a Nordic Cross.
    9. Color in the sides of the line white, and then the sides of that line black, and then white again.
    10. Draw the 4chan logo in the top left

    You're done.



    Non Frens

    Further Information




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