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    Note: This User is no longer active.

    Kaylo Liberalism is the self-insert of user SuccDemGaytheist. It is economically center-left, culturally progressive, civically liberal, and diplomatically internationalist ideology.

    Philosophical Beliefs


    Being a liberal, I believe in human rights. These rights would include things like: gender equality, freedom of speech, the right to education, ect. These are rights are essential to a free society.


    I view my morality through the lens of what causes the most happiness and least amount of suffering. Hence the name utility. I combine this utilitarian thought with secular humanism, which is a philosophy which states that we as humans are the center of knowledge and human development, while embracing secular ethics and rejecting religious ones.

    Metaphysical Beliefs

    I'm a materialist, and rationalize the world through the scientific way of how we as humans study it. I believe that everything is of results which are material, and anything that isn't material doesn't exist. Along with this, I hold a deterministic metaphysical view, and don't believe in free will. Everything in the universe is determined by how the material world interacts with it.

    Religious Beliefs

    If it wasn't obvious from my name, I am an atheist. More specifically, an agnostic atheist. The reasoning is that I don't personally like religion since it doesn't interest me. I've been an atheist my entire life for as long as I can remember it, since I've never have personally believed in god.

    Political Beliefs

    Cultural Beliefs

    Kaylo Liberalism is in favor of an egalitarian society were all members are treated equally regardless of their backroud, race, disability, sex or gender. In this regard, he is progressive. Although, he does have some mixed opinions on progressive ideas like political correctness and affirmative action, since he believes that political correctness can be overbearing at times while affirmative action gives an unfair advantage to certain groups. Outside of these specific circumstances, he is socially progressive. Also, he puts less emphasis on cultural war issues since he believes that these can be distracting towards economic issues which he deems as more important.

    Civic Structure

    Kaylo Liberalism believes that the will the people is the most important, and supports a liberal democracy. Seeing as liberal democracy has advanced societal achievements unlike any other governmental system and has created countries the best living conditions, although he does realize that liberal democracy isn't perfect and does have its notable flaws. With this, he supports governmental reform and a semi-direct democratic parliamentary republic as his ideal form of government. As for the size of the surveillance state, as for his support of individual rights, he believes that downscaling it enough were the government can effectively keep the population safe without infringing on the rights of the population too much is deal, making him civically liberal.

    Civil Liberties

    Kaylo Liberalism supports civil liberties and bodily autonomy so long as you're not infringing on other people's rights. This would include the decriminalization of victimless acts such as: pornography, prostitution, consenting acts between adults, euthanasia, abortion, ect. Along with this, he supports the right to own guns (with regulations), private property, freedom of speech and expression, and all of the other essential freedoms for a developed society. These are aligned with the harm principle.

    Economic Model

    Kaylo Liberalism's main economic model would consist of neo-corporatism, which is a system that utilizes economic tripartite and compromise through labor unions and employers through the government to solve the issue of class conflict. With this, he supports an economy made up labor unions to serve this purpose, along with worker co-operatives. Although, worker co-operatives wouldn't be the only business model, they would be encouraged through government tax breaks and subsidizes.

    Environmental Policy

    Kaylo Liberalism realizes that the environment is important to protect and preserve, he supports enviornmental policies such as creating green jobs and increasing carbon taxes to discourage environmentally destructive production. Although, preserving the environment and economic development should be balanced together, since the economy can be repaired while the environment can't, but at the same time the people shouldn't have to suffer significant quality of life reduction over environmental policies.

    Foreign Policy

    Kaylo Liberalism's ideal foreign policy is were there is strong international co-operation for things like the environment and technology while opposing the neoliberal status quo that increases wealth inequality by offshoring all of our jobs and exploiting the workforce, in this regard he is an alter-globalist because he supports internationalism but doesn't support economic globalization. For the military, the policy would be non-interventionist, and ideally it would be scaled back to self-defense. As for regional alliances, he supports them between similar countries so long as they aren't neoliberal and believes they are a good way of securing peace. With this, he can be critical of current alliances like NATO and the EU, which he sees as imperialist neoliberal organizations, he supports reforming the European Union and NATO.


    Kaylo Liberalism is in general pretty lax on immigration, illegal immigrations should be given the path to citizen so long as they don't have stuff like a criminal record and can speak English. If this isn't the case, they should be given basic English lessons as a part towards citizenship and a basic quiz relating to our society. So, my policy would be polycultural.



    • Social Democracy - Literally me, BASED!
    • Social Liberalism - A bit more moderate, but still based. Center-left gang!
    • Welfarism - Welfare is good.
    • Green Liberalism - Saving the environment and liberal values are uber based.
    • LGBT Liberalism - LGBT rights and liberalism? Couldn't have asked for anything better!
    • Alter-Globalism - We need a new global economy that doesn't contribute to wealth inequality and the exploitation of the working class!
    • Nordic Model - The nordic countries are some of the most successful countries in the world.
    • Sandersism - You're easily one the best candidates in American politics, you got my vote anytime!
    • Secularism - Keep church and state separated.
    • Civil Libertarianism - Civil liberties are important for any developed society.
    • Feminism & Men's Liberation - You guys should respect your movements more, but I incorporate various ideas from both.
    • Abortionism - My body, my choice.
    • Progressivism - Sometimes you can be close-minded, but you are largely my cultural values.
    • Social Patriotism - Now this is based! Just because I support internationalism doesn't mean you cannot feel pride about your homeland.
    • Social Capitalism - The best form of capitalism!
    • Congressional Progressive Caucus - While you can be too culture war obsessed at times, I will still support you.


    • Anti-Authoritarianism - Authoritarianism is mostly bad, although I don't like how many of you guys are anarchists or oppose the good dictators that existed throughout history that were progressive forces for good. Outside of that, DEATH TO AUTHORITARIANISM!
    • Cvic Nationalism - I mean, so long as your willing to co-operative with other countries I guess you're fine.
    • Anti-Religionism - Religion is mostly bad and oppressive which is why it should be rejected, although I'm more opposed to organized religion.
    • Planned Parenthoodism - While your start up is questionable, I support you in the modern day. Keep abortion access open, legal, and safe!
    • Christian Progressivism - I'm not a massive fan of religion but I guess religious progressives are alright.
    • Capitalism - Capitalism is the most effective system we've ever created, although there are obvious improvements to be made to it. A more humanistic form of capitalism is what I want to achieve.
    • World Federalism - If done correctly, this is how humanity could survive the future.
    • Left-Wing Populism - While I'm not a populist, I respect many populist leaders and believe that this can be a useful tool to achieve political power, although it should be used carefully.
    • Internationalism - So long as you're pacifistic, you're my foreign policy.


    • Libertarian Socialism - A bit too left-wing and revolutionary, but I guess you're ok.
    • Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism - You're better than most libertarians, I'll give you that. At least you want some form of equality, although rather lackluster.
    • Zionism - I respect the right of Israel to exist, but I do think a two state solution is the best option. I know it sounds like a long shot, but both Israel and Palestine have the right to exist as states in the region.
    • Democratism - While I'm not fond of the Democratic party, they are the least worst compared to the alternative. Your progressive factions are based, I will push the democratic party as far away from neoliberalism as I can.


    • Neoliberalism - At least your modern day followers tend to be progressive, but even then your exploitation of the global south and austerity which only benefit the rich do not help at all. Also screw you for taking over modern day social democratic parties.
    • Third Way - Imperialism, but it's progressive!
    • Globalism - While internationalism is good, economic globalism mostly sucks.



  • Individualism - People are unique, be yourself regardless what they say.
  • Humanism - Humanity is important to uphold.
  • Utilitarianism - Everyone's happiness matters.
  • Atheism - Religions are oppressive and should be rejected.
  • Materialism - The scientific method is the best way at analyzing the universe.
  • Enlightenment - Without you, none of this would be possible, and my ideological beliefs along with my philosophical beliefs wouldn't exist as well.
  • Friendly

    • Agnosticism - Also technically me, although I lean more on the atheist side than agnostic, which is why I'm an agnostic atheist.
    • Optimism - I always try to look at everything on the bright side, although optimism is short-sided in the fact that not everything can be looked at through a happy lens.
    • Machiavellianism - While the ends usually justify the means, I wouldn't kill a million people to achieve my ideological goals.
    • Consequentialism - While I do think actions should be in-general judged by the consequences of which they cause, just pure consequentialism isn't good.
    • Skepticism - It's overall good to question dogmas.


    • Moralism - While I personally have my own set of morals, forcing them onto others is dumb.
    • Existentialism - I'm iffy on libertarianism and opposition towards rationality, although your humanist variant is based even if I don't agree with this philosophically.
    • Hedonism - While I don't mind someone being a hedonist, the consist pursuit of pleasure can be a bad thing, although pleasure in of itself isn't bad so long as it's done in moderation.
    • Virtue Ethics - Same thing as above, while hedonism can lead to addictions which won't make me happy, it wouldn't hurt to try pleasurable things in moderation.


    • Collectivism - Don't get me wrong now, I understand the issues with vulgar individualism, but individual freedom is more important than subjecting yourself to the wills of others.
    • Nihilism - Just pure laziness as a philosophy.
    • Theism - While I don't believe theism is inherently harmful, I'm not a fan of religion or the concept of God.



  • Yoda8soup Thought - You seem like your average democratic socialist which is honestly not that bad, I'm not personally a socialist but your ideal society isn't bad. Overall, your ideology is ok and you seem like a good individual.
  • Market Syndicalism - While you may be more libertarian and socialistic than me, we're both freedom-loving progressive atheists who are gay which is nice!
  • Tomjazzism - Another socialist who has a lot of ideological overlap with me. Socially good, economically ok, and a good philosophy that seems to be derived more from liberal than socialist thought.
  • Evolutionary Socialism - Liberal socialism is fine, and even if you're not as progressive as me, I still very much like your ideology.
  • BasedMaddyism - Although we never got the chance to interact with each other, you seemed like a decent person from the stuff I heard about you from the time you were here and you have a kickass ideology as well, even if you're too Atlanticist for my liking.
  • Friendly

    • Omegaism - While you're not as economically left-wing and progressive as I am, I still think this ideology is in-general ok despite it being very close to the status quo. Could be worse, you're still a liberal so based ig.
    • Neo-Glencoeism - I like your economics and cultural takes, although you're a bit too authoritarian and Western aligned for me.
    • Serbian Socialism - I like your cultural leftism, but your economic leftism is too much for me. At least you oppose authoritarian regimes like China.
    • Tiberius Thought - More economically liberal and authoritarian than me, although your saving grace is your progressivism and support for some welfare services.
    • Neo Social Libertarianism - You just seem like a neoliberal who likes welfare, but at least you are progressive which is nice. And from what I've observed you are one the chilliest people in this community, which compared to the other users here is also really nice.
    • Mr_Beast_0f_93 - I like your support for progressivism (even if moderate), feminism, LGBT rights, and your other social values. But were we differs is economic and foreign policy, your economic liberalism is not for me, combined with economic globalization makes it even worse. So, I think you're slightly above neutral, but just slightly.


    • O'Langism - I'm not a fan of anarchism but apparently you are friendly with social democrats so that's alright I guess, plus I like your cultural takes although your economics are too left-wing for me.



    Test Results

    Books I've Read

    Further Information


    1. While I'm a registered democrat and go out to vote anytime I can, I only vote for the democrats because the alternative is worse. Although, there are some good candidates in this party that make me stay.
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