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    Kastism, also called JAKism, Chilean Republicanism or Neo-Pinochetism, is a culturally right, statist and economically liberal ideology based on Chilean politician José Antonio Kast. He is characterized by strong conservatism, as well as a strong inspiration in Pinochetism and Gremialism.


    He is very conservative and nationalist (Although he does support economic neoliberalism), being against abortion, euthanasia and same-sex marriage. On economic issues, he promotes Hayekism and Chicago school economics, and is a staunch defender of private property. He is against illegal inmigration, and has proposed to create a wall on the northern border to prevent the entry of immigrants. He also believes in a democratic state with a strong government, that promotes religious values.


    Miembros de la Carabina

    • Gremialismo - He influenced my beliefs greatly, and he was the mind of the constitution which I am now gonna replace to ruin my political image.
    • Pinochetism - I’ll make sure to continue your legacy! Ignore that I recognized your crimes against humanity.
    • Neoconservatism - Fighter keeping the world free from global communism and zurdos! But why do some of you spread progressive degeneracy though?
    • Bolsonarism - Good friend of mine, you’ve got the right ideas, shame you lost your elections.
    • Voxism - Fellow European sympathizer, Abascal and I get along very well and dislike commies and progressives.
    • Conservative Neoliberalism - Cultural conservative values and economic neoliberalism seems pretty based to me. You’re still an elitist globetard.
    • Reactionary Liberalism, Conservative Liberalism, National Liberalism - Other based forms of liberalism, some of you are too moderate, but at least you are not progressive.
    • Alt-Lite - People who support me online.


    • Zionism - ¡No hay nada qué pueda justificar los ataques terroristas de Palestina! Ignore that my dad was a Nazi.
    • Conservative Feminism - You are pretty tolerable most of the time, many of the women in my party are basically the same thing as you. At least you are not elitist.
    • Homoconservatism - Homosexuality is cringe, but you understand the importance of traditional values and trigger progressive elitists. Delgado is a fellow Republican.
    • Constitutionalism - ¡Proteger la constitución y defenderla de Boric y la izquierda radical! And now I’m also gonna propose an illegitimate constitution as well to destroy my political image.


    • Nazism - People think I’m you for some reason. I swear my dad was part of the German workers party was just a German recruit, he was not a Nazi! Heil Hitler.
    • Conservative Socialism - I don’t care about your cultural values, you are still a danger to society!
    Flag of Kastism

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