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    Kardashevism is a transhumanist ideology that advocates the evolution of humanity according to the Kardashev scale, it believes the Kardashev scale is a good reference for the evolution of humanity and humans should use it as reference for their own evolution.

    Kardashevism often advocates ordinary Transhumanism and Post-Humanism, however, it supports that other currents such as Extraphysicism, Spiritualicism, Quantumism and Divinialism should also be used in order to turn humanity into a type V civilization on Kardashev Scale. Even being quite atheist itself, kardashevism actually believes that it might have a lot of other civilizations and it often supports that spiritual beings and gods are beings on the type V and that they are beings equal to humans like Sapient Equalism and that or they were evolved from physical to extraphysical and divine or they were created in a divine level or extraphysical level of existence, but only Scientific Agnosticism and Scientific Deism to find this out.

    Kardashevism advocates that Marxism-Leninism, Stalinism and Socialism are the best ways to reach a type V civilization, but it also does not exclude ideologies such as Soulism, Esoteric Soulism, Miraclocracy and Divinialist Extraphysicist Quantumist Soulism for reaching a type V civilization.

    Kardashevism often advocates FALGSC and usually agrees on a lot with FALGSC, but keep mentioning humanity must evolve into a type V civilization.

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