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    Karbyshevism originates from the city of Omsk in the mod The New Order: The Last days of Europe for Hoi4. Its proponent and founder is Dimitry Karbyshev of the All-Russian Black League. The ideology first appeared when a country or group of people experienced great losses of people by another country or group of people, in this case, Russia against Germany. Karbyshevism cannot be catagorized into a specific nationalist ideology instead falling under the umbrella of nationalist ideologies, best considered to be "revanchist nationalist". It recognizes a external threat as the main problem to focus on and works to prepare indefinitely for future conflicts with said external threat.

    It wishes to save its country's people and prevent further harm falling upon them. To achieve this the military must take control of the government and create a one party state. Mass Industrialization and defensive building often follows Karbybird taking over.


    Where Karbyshevism is a extreme version of anti-Nazi revanchist military dictatorship, Yazovism is the extreme of that. While Karbyshevism sees the "Great Trial" as being a future invasion of Russia by the Germans and that they should prepare for that, Yazovism advocates the genocide of the enemy country for their past aggressions. It will try anything to destroy the enemy country from virus warfare, use of lethal gas, and even Burgundian-esque nuclear and bunker buildup. Its entire goal is to destroy the enemy country, often plotting to destroy allies of that country or neutral nations as well. It will most likely not restore democracy after its goal has been complete, opting to maintain power in the military.

    Flag of Karbyshevism


    Karbybird is best described as severely depressed and revanchist. The only reason it stays around is to prevent its people from being harmed ever again. Presumably, after the threat has been put in a place that it can never harm its people Karbybird will dissolve and let democracy take over in its place.


    Officers Clique

    Literally no one, as he sees them as being too weak to stand up to the Germans.

    Non-League Russians

    • Stalinism - Your politicking cost us the West Russian War!
    • Bukharinism - Your weakness lost us Russia!
    • Liberal Agorism - Nothing but a roadblock on the way to Russian Reunification, at least you fought in the West Russian War.
    • Ultranationalism - Russian Ultranationalism (to some extent) is based. Teuton Ultranationalism on the other hand....

    Need to be Trial

    • Burgundian System - Great Trial Awaits!
    • Nazism - Never again, you G*rman scum!
    • Taboritskyism - A G*rman collaborator, a madman running a doomed system and a rival for reunification? Kill yourself.

    Further Information

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