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    Karbonism is a economically centrist to center-right and culturally right ideology. It falls under the category of centre-authright to centre-auth. It supports a free market system with welfare, consumer & employee protection and business regulation. It also supports traditional and religous values as well as a semi-constitutional monarchical system. Karbonism is a democratic ideology and believes that democratic countries have a duty to spread democracy. Karboism therefore has an interventionist foreign policy.



    Karbonism tends to be economically close to the Swedish Model. Karbonists can vary from being Social Capitalists to Social Democrats.


    Karbonists tend to be centre-statist with a belief in a slightly authoritative yet liberal state. Karbonism beliefs in a monarchical head of state. Karbonism usually supports a semi-constitutional monarchy in which a monarch supervises the democratic process. Karbonism despite being monarchist still believes in a goverment chosen by the people.
    Karbonism supports universal healthcare however not a system that would be 100% free of costs. This since no hospital system in the world operate as such and since it would lead to an overcrowded healthcare system. However Karbonism does supports free healthcare for certain groups such as seniors, minors, people with lower income and so on.
    Karbonism wants to ban any private organisation which is involved in abortion. Karbonism believes healthcare is a right and that the goverment has the responsibility to ensure all citizens are healthy.

    Karbonism is against all forms of legalization of drugs. Karbonism believes both recreational and medical drug use should be illegal.
    Gun rights
    Karbonism believs citizens should be allowed to own certain types of guns. Such as hunting rifles, hunting shotguns and pistols. These all with permits and a vetting & background process. As well as a weapons safety education. This all to make sure not the wrong person is armed while allowing citizens the right to defend themselves. Gun crimes karbonism believes should be punished with prison and borders should be closely monitered for illegal gun activity.
    Karbonism believes religion has an important role in soceity. While the state ensures freedom of and from religion the goverment officially recognises christianity as it's offical religion.
    Sex-related politics
    Karbonism believes prostitution to be exploitation, taking advantage of the human body and a moral evil. Karbonism has a similar attitude towards pornography however Karbonists dont believe in a ban on pornography but heavily restriction on the industry.
    Karbonism believes people have the right to guns to protect themselves from foreign invaders, to protect themselves from criminal activity, or to protect themselves from a dystopian goverment forming. However unrestricted gun selling is recognised as a problem and gun selling should be heavily controlled by the goverment.
    Womens Rights
    Karbonism considers itself conservative feminist. While it believes in equal rights and opportunities it rejects the current shape of modern feminism.
    Media and free speech
    Karbonism believes media in a democracy should be free of as much goverment interferance as possible. To maintain free speech the goverment should maintain a goverment funded state-owned but impartial media similar to that of the Nordic countries.
    LGBT and pride culture
    Karbonism is an LGB affirming ideology and belives in legal protection of said groups from discrimination. Karbonism does not recognise Transexuality in a similar way and gender reassignment surgery is illegal in a kabronist nation. Karbonism is critical of modern pride culture while being affirming of different sexualities. Other sexualities not mentioned are either a non-issue such as asexuality or are not recognised or even looked down upon as immoral such as polyamory.
    Karbonism is pro-life and except for certain cases in which the goverment should be 100% responsible for carrying out the abortion.
    Military politics
    Karbonism believe a free democratic country must defend itself from villain states and all who threaten its freedom. Karbonism also believes in a mandatory military service period for youths graduating high-school. This would be a non-combat role meant to teach youths how to defend their country.
    ImmigrationKarbonism believes immigration is a right but must be controlled.

    Foreign policy
    East vs West
    Karbonism is a staunch ally with the west and liberal democracy. Karbonism identify villain states as a threat to world peace and democracy. These nations are enemies of the west and have shown clear agression towards human rights and liberty. In these times it is important liberal democracies and the west stand together to once again thrash totalitarianism.
    Karbonism can vary on Nato membership. Sometimes wishing a membership ASAP and sometimes only wishing increased cooperation with NATO. No matter what exact stance Karbonism is clear on its friendly attitude towards NATO.
    The European Union
    The European Union is looked favourably by Karbonism. However Karbonism is not in favour of increased federalism. The European Union should remain as a union of seperate states united in cause and identity.
    Karbonism looks negativly at separatist movements. Such as Scottish independance, Northern-Irish independance, Quebec, Ukrainian separatist regions, Brexit. However Karbonism supports separatist movement when they are fighting a totalitarian villain state as it is a fight for human rights.
    Blockade of Cuba
    The blockade of Cuba is an important piece in the struggle against Cuban dictatorship and it is a stance against totalitarianism showing that democratic countries will not tolerate totalitarian behaviour.
    The war on terrorism
    Karbonism does not see the war on terrorism as an imperialist excuse for oil-wars. But instead see it as self-defense and the protection and expansion of democracy and human rights. Karbonism heavily suppors international counter-terrorism. Nations that support terrorism Karbonism defines as villain states and enemies of the west.
    Palestine vs Israel
    Karbonism rejects supprting one side 100% while also rejecting a two-nation solution. INstead Karbonism is a proponent of a three state solution in which Palestine would be integrated with Egypt and Jordan. This to protect palestine from Israel but also allow palestine to be under a islamic majority rule. However Karbonism also recognises that Israel is a western democracy with human rights while Palestine is a human rights criminal dictatorship.

    LGBT Conservatism- You can be a bit wierd sometimes but overall you're cool
    Moderate Conservatism- Non-extreme Conservatism? Based, all you need is some welfare politics
    Bismarckism- Most based german chancellor and my pfp on reddit.
    White movement- If you had won the world would have been so much better today
    Positive Reactionaryism- Every man should learn from you
    Lutheranism- You're my second choice denomination
    Cultural Nationalism- !!!KEEP YOUR D*MN TACOS!!! OUT OF MY MIDSOMMAR!!!
    Churchillism-We may not agree on a lot but man you are based sometimes
    British unionism-How could I put churchill here and not you
    Catholic Conservatism-Conservatism based on catholic values sounds amazing.
    Social progressive-conservatism- You are basically just a weaker version of patcon
    Theodemocracy- I disagree with you a lot but mormons are nice so here you go
    American Loyalism- American monarchists? Based
    Compassionate Conservatism- You're the most based fiscal conservative although some business regulation could do you well.
    Geoconservatism- Paternalistic Conservatism is based but landlords arent evil Trumpism- Your initial promises were based but you changed man
    GOP- I'm sorry, You're cool but I just wish you werent so anti-welfare
    Christian Theocracy- Listen no one loves Jesus more than me and having a state religion is okay, but I'm sorry, having a forced state religion is too authoritarian.
    Social Liberalism- Being a centrist is based and providing welfare is too however your progresivism is immoral.
    Paleoconservatism- I'm sorry, although your conservatism and christian values are based, your economics and isolationism will lead to disaster
    Social Monarchism- I'm sorry, Socdem and monarchism is based but unless you get moderatly conservative you arent perfect.
    Progressive Conservatism-I'm sorry but why do people think I am you? You can't conserve anything.
    National Conservatism- I used to be you but your friendliness to russia and islamophobia is kinda off putting.
    Conservative Liberalism- I'm really sorry, you're a cool moderate but I cannot support economic liberalism, but you're def not the worst.
    Liberal Conservatism-I'm sorry we're both against radicals but you need some welfare politics and realise that constitutional monarchies are the way to go.
    Orthodox Conservatism- I'm sorry, Christian conservatism is cool but orthodoxy isn't catholicism.
    Paleosocialism- Reactionary politics and welfare is based but socialism is too far and I am sorry, but isolationism is a dangerous ideology.
    Reactionary centrism- Close to extreme version of me but you are also isolationist and r*publican(european meaning) so sorry but I will have to put you here.
    Market socialism- A based centre authleft but market socialism is sadly too far I'm sorry.
    Conservative neoliberalism- Conservative=based, Neo=Based, Liberalism=not so based
    Christian Libertarianism- I like the christianity part but I am confused with how you expect to combine greed with christianity
    Catholic Imperialism- Spreading catholicism is based but I'm sorry, you're just to extreme.
    Reactionary Neoconservatism- You're good but I just wish you werent so anti-welfare.
    Social Libertatian Conservatism- Basically the libertarian version of conservatism. I'm sorry but I really dont fancy libertarianism.
    Left-wing Conservatism- You are cool however sorry, but your nationalism is too extreme and your economics are sometimes too radical.
    Left-wing National Traditionalism- Same as above^
    Clerical fascism- Sorry but I look bad if I dont put you here
    Centre Party- I'm sorry but your youth organisation wants to legalize pedophelia, incest, necrophelia. You think immigration 4 times the population of our entire country is possible, you want to abolish the employe protection act. What exactly is centre about you?
    Libertarianism- I'm sorry but you are basically greed in the form of an ideology
    Nationalism- I'm sorry, he is okay but nationalism has torn down monarchies for no good reason.
    Neoliberalism- I'm sorry your only redeeming quality is being pro-nato. Open borders, economic liberalism, progressivism are all cringe.
    Republicanism- GOD SAVE HIS MAJESTY!!!
    Fascism- I'm sorry but there is nothing redeeming about you
    Communism- Communism sucks in practice... and in theory
    Rational Imperialism- How exactly are you planning on taking over the world with discord moderators and socially awkward redditors?
    Partiet Nyansism- You are basically just a bunch of islamic extremists trying to turn sweden into a muslim theocracy
    Reverse conservatism- It feels like you read the SJW page, felt triggered, and decided to write this page to "Own the conservatives".
    Eurocommunism- Why do I keep getting you as a result on 10groups test?
    Laicism- You are poisining society, corrupting the youth, making everyones lifes meaningless, you are an infectious disease.
    State atheism-Name a single morally good state-atheism. Yeah I thought so, stay on your reddit circlejerks bigot.
    Transhumanism- This is literally what the story of Frankesteins monster is about.
    Abortionism- You make people think killing babies is freedom
    White Nationalism- My brother in christ you have blasphemed god, insulted and harmed his creation. You belong at the bottom.



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