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    Kamyarism is an ideology coined by Nathan J. Kamyar aka instagram user @windy_city_socialist.

    Beliefs of Kamyarism:


    Foreign Policy
    -Nate Kamyar is a Eurosceptic. He opposes the EU for austerity reasons and because he views the policies of the EU as being NeoLiberal-icon.png neoliberal. Kamyar is also an isolationist.

    Flag of Kamyarism:

    Flag of Kamyarism.png




    • Euras.png Fourth Theory - Eh, Dugin is a mixed bag. I admire Dugin's anti-Atlanticism and the idea of Eurasianism, and I also deeply admire his staunch opposition to American/anglo liberalism. However, I don't agree with the Fourth Theory in particular. This theory is an alternative to Liberalism, Communism, and Fascism, and I believe in Communism. It's also important to remember that Dugin was considered a dissident in the USSR.
    • Consocf.png Conservative Socialism - I'm definitely willing to ally with them, but I personally don't have any conservative views. Also, Zyuganov is BASED AS FUCK.
    • Leftac.png Left-Accelerationism - People claim I'm you, but I'm not you.
    • Socauth.png Social Authoritarianism - Critical support.


    • Bidenism.png Bidenism - I fucking hate you.
    • Ancapf.png Anarcho-Capitalism - die
    • Nazi.png Nazism - Stalin liberated Europe from Nazism, and Putin is liberating Ukraine from Nazism.
    • Zio.png Zionism - Palestine shall be free
    • European Federalism.png Eurofederalism - horrible idea
    • DemocratF.png American Democratic Party - Kys you elitist cucks
    • American Republicanism.png American Republican Party - Same as above
    • Necon.png Neoconservatism - End the wars and end imperialism
    • Showa.png Showa Statism - Japan's war crimes aren't talked about enough. SMOKIN THAT SHINZO ABE PACK #ripbozo
    • MLM.png Marxism-Leninism-Maoism - Unbearably annoying larper and neutered vaushite. Go do your protracted people's war in a CVS parking lot
    • Hoxha.png Hoxhaism - Well you're worse than the guy above...
    • SJW.webp SJW - Class struggle > culture wars
    • Vaush.png Vaushism - radlib
    • Socliber.png Social Libertarianism - Yang is a Zionist.
    • PCB-Hoppe.pngHoppeanism - My polar opposite.
    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - AOC and the Squad are the vanguard of US Imperialism
    • EdPatrumismicon.png EdPatrumism - W**b fascist.
    • Whiteismf.png White Movement - Белая армия, чёрный барон. Снова готовят нам царский трон. Но от тайги до британских морей, Красная Армия всех сильней! Так пусть же Красная, Сжимает властно, Свой штык мозолистой рукой, И все должны мы, Неудержимо, Идти в последний смертный бой!
    • JoeyFloppa boo.png Joey Floppa - What in the ever loving fuck is this

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