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    Kakistocratic Addycakesball Thought

    Kakistocratic Addycakesball Thought is a Kak.png kakistocratic Monarch.png monarchist React.png reactionary Reactcross.png ideology that absolutely loves the longbow to the point of carrying it everywhere with her to honour the Cball-England.png Anglos who fought against the French in 1415.

    Huw to Drah

    • Coming soon...

    The Mostwy One-Sided Rewashenshepz

    Yes.png KEWL FWENDZ

    • CANZUK.png Angwo-Saxons - You shouwd've won at 1066 against the VikResicon.png Nowmans!!
    • Christy.png Chwistians and Catheo.png Cathowics - The one wewigion that mattews to Engwand!!
    • Crusadism.png Cwusadews - Deus Vuwt!!
    • Cball-England.png Engwand - I wove Engwand and 1415!!
    • Anti-Frenchism Icon.png Fwancophobic Angwos Cball-England.png - Thank you fow hewping me against da Cball-France.png Fwench in 1415!!
    • Kak.png Kakistocracy - Haha, the way you tawk is funny!!
    • Monarch.png Puwpwe Monawch - I wove this govewnment system, and I wike weawing cwowns!!!
    • Modnat.png Patwiotz - I wove Cball-England.png Engwand and Cball-Canada.png Canada!!!
    • Gay.png Wainbowz - I wike wainbowz in da sky!!
    • React.png Weactionawies Reactcross.png - Pwesewve wongbows and 1415!!
    • 🏹 Wongbows - Awen't wongbows FUN?! I cawwy mine evewywhewe I go to honow my Cball-England.png Engwish ancestwy!!
    • More coming soon...


    • Antianglo.png Angwophobia and Ultra-Anglophobia icon.png Uwtwa-Angwophobia Ultra-Anglophobia icon with a hat.png - Scawy Cball-France.png Fwancophiwes who desewve the awwows of the unstoppabwe Cball-England.png Engwish wongbow!
    • Cball-France.png Fwance - I'm gwad you wost against the Cball-England.png Engwish wongbowmen at Agincouwt, and you awways made me sad when times wewe good, untiw da gwowious Cball-England.png Engwish Hewitage Feud.png saved me fwom you and hewped me consewve da cannons.
    • Tradwife.png Twadwivez Authtradwife.png - They'we bowing because they won't wet me pway wif my wongbow and fowce me to go back to da kitchen. Pewhaps I can cook and cwean wif my wongbow as well? 😕
    • More coming soon...


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