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    Note that this is a retired self-insert. Kahjunn has moved on.

    KJ System is the self-insert ideology, of the user Kahjunn. He is inspired by Scientocracy & Radical Centerism and bases is ideas on those 2 ideologies. He is similar to Arctoism in some ways, however he is he is more authoritarian, and socially conservative. He is also interested in ancient Chinese ideals.




    KJ believes that the perfect form of government is a constitutional monarchy backed up by a Technocratic or Scienteocratic parliament, the prime minister is chosen by a Meritocratic election, however he also believes in a polyarchic parliament with multiple cabinet ministers from different political parties. The job of the monarch is to handle state affairs by selecting an emissary.


    KJ supports a mixed economic system with a controlled free market, as well as the features of ancient Chinese economics such as public healthcare, the taxation system and trade system. However there are more modern features such as public welfare mixed with charity and taxes on pollutants


    KJ believes that the military should only be mandatory at times of war, however it should only defend the country & it's people rather than aiding it's foreign allies. Military budget should be cut by using cheaper weapons & equipment, as he believes that quantity is better than quality and using modern high tech weaponry is a crutch.


    Education is mandatory, whether or not it be public or private, single subject or multiple, the average citizen must spend time in education in order to have some sort of skill. Citizens with negotiation skills are



    KJ believes in the freedom to choose whatever religion or belief as long as it doesn't infringes on others. He strongly supports secularism. He doesn’t mind some religion, but it needs to be so watered down that it merely serves as a cultural aesthetic and personal identity in order to be acceptable to him.

    Race and culture

    KJ believes that race discrimination should be outlawed and punishable by fine, however it isn't strongly enforced as that would be an infringement to free speech. Various cultural groups are headed by a department. He also believes that satirical discrimination should also be forbidden, as triggers people to blame the offending race

    Firearms Regulations

    KJ's views on fire arms are based on what purpose the firearm serves and what caliber it uses. A self defense weapons is accessible to anyone over the age of 21 with background checks, other weapons require a permit from their profession in order to purchase and operate.

    Bodily Autonomy & Sex

    KJ's stance on bodily autonomy states that gender transitions & homosexual relations should be illegal, the latter depending on the status quo. He doesn't dislike gays and lesbians on a personal level, he just doesn’t think it should be made a big deal out of, whether positive, negative, political or apolitical. He also thinks that sex has gone too open and that it is none of the state's business to regulate it even if it should be.

    KJ believes in consent, and that the age of consent should depend on the literacy rate of the state. Prostitution should be legal, but not pimping. he has no stances on euthanasia & abortion due to them not making sense to him. He believes that narcotics should be illegal, marijuana only to be used for medical purposes and mushrooms are safe enough for regulated use.

    Criminal Justice

    KJ believes in 'An eye for an eye', in that criminals should be punished and rehabilitated based on their motives for their crimes. Whilst he believes that the death penalty should be an opinion, the way one is punished would be based on their motives for their crimes, not their actions. He believes in good prison conditions and social welfare as a form of rehabilitation. For serious criminals like terrorists, rapists, and murderers, who are too dangerous to be released, he views their motives a a psychological issue in that they need to be counseled for their motives.


    KJ cares a lot about the environment and climate change. However, he does think economics are an obstacle, since the main reason governments are not doing enough and need to be pushed further to have bolder targets to phase out fossil fuels in order to prevent ecological destruction is due to economic issues, in that they need to spend higher on technology that can solve climate change. He believes in conservationism, recycling and ecological technological progress.

    Foreign Policy

    Immigration is based on the situation an purpose, he believes that immigrant can only come from allies states, however they do accept refugees from enemy states, just with background checks. Civilians from the nation wanting to immigrate to another nation must have a reasonable motive to do so.

    Negotiation with hostile nations are usually done via diplomacy, however military intervention isn't uncommon. Even though he prefers to act peaceful towards countries, he sometimes has to resort to militarily interfering with hostile nations that don't agree with his diplomatic ideas.


    Free access to the internet should be provided by either a private or public service provider with public being free. Certain websites which gained a tremendous reputation such as Tumblr, 4chan and Reddit are banned, so as porn sites. However VPN is allowed for civilian use.




    • Centrists - The best quadrant of the political compass
    • SajZeal Model - Nice idea, but the social democracy part isn't helping
    • CWC Model - We're culturally similar, however you have some ideas I don't agree on
    • Transhumanism - Do we really need body modifications? Unless it's for strengthening the human body
    • Anti-Americanism - We both hate America for different reasons
    • Technocracy - You have good ideas, but you can't decide what you are, whether your a leftist ideology or a non quadrant one. Are you a government of scientists or of engineers, or just skilled people... you just confuse me. Also the r/Technocracy server mods are distorting what you really represent.



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