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    Core Belifes


    I belive in worker ownership of the means of production and supporting local producers, the first stage of the DOTP should be market based socialism where markets still exist but workers own the enterpirses and i also belive in regulationist market socialism to prevent copyright abuse and stuff of the sort, second stage would be classic non market socialism and eventually communism, i am currently reading marx and my economic belifes arent fully concrete so bare that in mind

    Progressive Traditionalism

    Non harmful traditions must be preserved in order to preserve culture but to also make life a bit less bland but bigoted and anti progress traditions must be eliminated though, as for my social beliefs im defenently progressive and i belive in things like gender afferming care for those +15 (im still not entirly sure on the age tho) with a brain scan to see if the brain has the structure of a trans person.

    Anti Colonial World Federalism

    I belive in a world federation that accounts for indigeonus cultures and makes provinces based on cultural boundries and educating people ablout native american, african, asian, etc culture along with the typical European Culture and a world international language must be developed, this language would be a mix of all languages on earth including but not limeted too, Indo European, Uralic, Native American, Afircan, Aboriginal, Sibiran, East Asian, Mongolic, Turkic and Polynesian Languages, this wouldn't replace people's languages but would just be a tool to help break down language barriers and enhance international cooperation



    Pretty Based

    • Yoda8soup Thought basically me but with more moderate economics and less globalist, I love your cultural views, progress while preserving harmless traditions is gigabased, as for your economics, you cool however you are a little bit moderate for my taste, I don’t like the idea of their being nations deviding us, we both oppose economic globalization buy i would prefer a world federation where all the world government would do is enforce human rights and regulations on business in more market based subdivisions, speaking of subdivisions in this world federation they woild have a lot of autonomy but would have to follow some regulations, would have to enforce human rights and wouldn’t be able to go to war with each other, also i like the idea of humans coming together and migrating to distant planets but if there is life on those planets, they should be left alone unless we can peacefully coexist, but overall a good ideology


    • Glorified Communism I like a lot of your philosophies left wing economic and cultural values and your vews on technology are great but we need a libertarian socialist democratic state to stabilize things before anarchy can be achieved also your anti humanism is somewhat cringe ngl
    • Brazilian Liberalism I love your cultural values, keeping some traditions while we give minorities rights and also i love your vews on LGBTQ+ but your economic values are meh, sure social capitalism and social democracy could make good transitional stages, but they aren’t the permanent solution, i do appreciate your effort to have worker’s rights, free healthcare and welfare though.


    • Jefbol Thought I like your economic values, communism is the end goal but your dislike of democracy and syndicalism kinda worries me
    • Meowxism OwO a furry comrade, you’re economic vews and social views are very honorable and based however you’re basically furry Stalinism, your obsession with the state is very worrying, also don’t call me a socdem, also regulated co-op based economy can be very ethical and equal but i do agree they aren’t the permanent solution, i just kinda see it as a transitional stage, also one more thing, I don’t listen to vaush.

    Ultra Cringe

    • Rigby Thought you did suport the lgbtq+ community and still support welfare which is nice but you only want welfare for citizens, also now you’re a huge homophobe and you’re probably on the verge of being a nazi, you gotta realize that we’re first and foremost citizens of Earth then we’re citizens of our country, what im saying is Mother Earth first, nation second, also your eugenics (ablism) is very very cringe, i get if a fetus is found out to have a crippling disability then it would be more ethical to abort them rather then bring them into this world with a crippling disability, but if they’re already alive, they deserve to have a chance like the rest of us, also transhumanism is a more ethical alternative to eugenics, just cure their disabilities rather than killing them, i get the technology isn’t here yet but it’s on the horizon and we should focus on developing it, you’re pretty much just the Brazilian version of Putler
    • Walshian Conservatism - your entire personality is based on hating trans people


    Yoda8soup, i need your ideological beliefs and opinions before i can add you to the relationship section

    • Meowxism - add me back lib
    • Yoda8soup - I agree, I should add it to my diplomacy but I do believe that humans should in the far future unite in a similar fashion to how you described while still preserving cultural autonomy and patriotic sentiments. :)
    • Rigby Thought - Add me
    • Niiloism - Add me?