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    Jokerism is the ideology of Arthur Fleck, and the movement spawned around him in the film Joker (2019). It grew in response to the murder of three wealthy investors, viewing the murderer as a working-class vigilante. The movement is further pushed on by Thomas Wayne's response to the murders, wherein he calls people who "haven't made something of their lives" as clowns. The protests are anti-capitalist and heavily Populist . Fleck himself isn't strongly political and is mostly just a nihilist, however he does side with more radical political movements as they further his goals. Although a fictional ideology, the imagery of Joker was used by various protesters disillusioned with Neoliberalism in Chile and Lebanon. And had been used as a symbol for Mapuche Rights protestors

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw two blue diamonds
    3. Draw a red nose
    4. Draw a red smile
    5. Add the eyes


    Jokerism can be drawn with various different props, especially those relating to the character from the film or rioting and anarchy in general. These include:

    • Cigarette
    • Molotovs
    • Burning property
    • Protest signs seen in the film


    Jokerism can be depicted as slightly unhinged mentally, laughing uncontrollably and making jokes even when the situation isn't sometimes appropriate. Like a lot of LibLeft ideologies, he's prone to rioting and throwing molotovs.




    • Kleptocracy - It's not about the money, it's about sending a message.
    • Agorism - Thanks for the gun.


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