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    JoeyFloppean–Third Worldism

    JoeyFloppean–Third Worldism, shorted to JFTW or JF3W, is an authoritarian left, socialist, industrialist, culturally right and internationalist (sometimes Pan-Nationalism.png Pan-Nationalist) ideology which empathizes the inequality and exploitation caused by first world countries to third world countries, and wishes to see the unification of Third-World countries as to strengthen the third world so that they can overpower the First-World through means such as Trotskyism, interventionism and colonialism. As opposed to JoeyFloppa boo.png JoeyFloppaism, JF3W wants America to crumple and fall more than it does to any other first-world nation, and sees it as an absolute evil.


    JF3W was conceived by Comflop.png Communist JoeyFloppaism during one of his business endeavors in Third-World Asia, where he impregnated a prostitute and forgot about it soon after he left. This had a strong influence on JF3W growing up, where his labor was exploited by the same first-worldists who conceived him. He speaks with a heavy Asian accent and he hates Cball-USA.png America and its ideas. He effectively wants to use JoeyFloppa boo.png JoeyFloppaism's ideas but for the exact opposite reason. He is hated by almost everyone is his family; the JoeyFloppean Family that is.

    How to draw

    File:JF3W Flag.png
    Flag of JoeyFloppean–Third Worldism
    1. Draw a ball with a stubby tail. This should resemble a boo.
    2. Draw five rays of red and five rays of light gold from the center.
    3. Draw a white hollow star in the center.
    4. Add two slanted azn eyes.

    You're done!






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