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    JoeyFloppaism, also known as JoeyFloppeanism, is an American nationalist, culturally right-wing, economically laissez-faire ideology, and is a variant of PCB-Libcon.png Libertarian Conservatism. It's civically liberal to libertarian, peering into the libright. It is the ideology representing JoeyFloppa and his beliefs and can be specked as right-wing to far-right on the two-axis political spectrum.


    Libcon.png Government & Economy Minarchist.png

    JoeyFloppaism supports many decentralizations of government power and supports a minimal and fiscally responsible state whose job is restricted to mainly, at most, preserving law, regulated policing, borders, as well as perhaps having a nondirect role in preserving cultural values. It civically vouches for something inbetween civic Clib.png Civic Liberalism and Minarchist.png Minarchism. Among some things JoeyFloppaism advocates for are ending government surveillance, betterly regulated and minimal police, voluntary military drafting and ending the public school system. Taxation is viewed as theft and thus supports absolute minimal taxation, if it has to exist at all.

    JoeyFloppaism supports a capitalist laissez-faire economy, much favoring the Austrian School. It believes private property should be a bulwark in society and is in favor of free trade. Representative republicanism is the government system JoeyFloppaism supports. JoeyFloppaism also believes the government has overstepped its authority but doesn't think anarchy is the way to go either.

    Conserv.png Culture & National Identity Cultural Nationalism.png

    JoeyFloppaism's supports monoculturalism, nativism, Christianity, heteronormitivity and individualism. At its core, JoeyFloppaism believes common values, norms and culture is what defines a nation and unites a people group most, and thus is a Cultural Nationalism.png Cultural Nationalist. JoeyFloppaism believes that the original sanctity, so to speak, of the United States has been slowly perverted and supports a degree of political and social reaction.

    JoeyFloppaism opposes the civil rights movement, Blm.png Black Lives Matter, Gay.png LGBT+, Multicult.png Multiculturalism, hypersexualization of society and ideals of equity. There are specific reasons JoeyFloppaism doesn't like each of them, but broadly speaking, JoeyFloppaism believes they are all movements which make the quality of everything worse at the expense of good people under the false guise of equality and justice.

    Isolationist.png Noninterventionism Jingoism.png

    Broadly, JoeyFloppaism favors a realist approach to foreign policy. In the case of JoeyFloppaism, this specifically means pursuing an Isolationist.png Isolationist policy, strictly opposed to internationalism. It believes devoting a nation to an alliance only makes it likely to be pulled into a conflict it doesn't belong in and that interventionism only withdraws resources and manpower from the home nation for a cause that doesn't help the homeland, as well as a slew of other problems not mentioned.

    JoeyFloppaism does however share pro-colonial sentiment for some colonial and imperialist ambitions, particularly those of the New Imperialism era and Manifest Destiny. In the past, Joey himself has even postulated reviving said era through the use of private colonial militias, in the style of Cecil Rhodes.

    How to Draw

    An in-game 3D model of a gold boo from NSMB2.

    The classic design is based off JoeyFloppa boo.png JoeyFloppa's former profile picture, which is of a golden boo from the Super Mario franchise.

    1. Draw a ball with a stubby tail at the end using gold (#FFFF00). It should resemble a Boo.
    2. Color it in a lighter shade of gold (#FFEB3B).
    3. Add the eyes.
    4. (OPTIONALLY) Add some sparkles shimmering around the ball(#FFFFFF).

    You're done!

    Banner of JoeyFloppa.

    The alternative design is based off the JoeyFloppaist flag created by PCB-Neoafun.png Angrybirdstd.

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw three bars, the top and bottom ones gold (#FFEB3B) and the middle one white (#FFFFFF).
    3. Add the eyes.

    You're done!

    The flag itself is based off the flag of Cball-Austria.png Austria, a nod towards Austrobert.png Austrolibertarianism.




    • Ancapf.png Anarcho-Capitalism - I can understand many of your points, but entirely abolishing the government goes a little far don't you think? Also all anarchists are larpers.
    • Confed.png Confederalism - I support state's rights, but full-on confederalism goes too far. We don't want to become the HRE.
    • Trump.png Trumpism - I'm not a super mega epic fan of you now, but c'mon! Biden is so boring! (and blue-pilled).
    • Jorg.png Jorgensenism - Libertarianism does not have to mean being a heroine-addicted prostitute.
    • Fem.png Feminism - Women deserve equal rights, but most feminist movements today are laughable. First-Wave Feminism is really the only wave I could get behind.
    • Annazi.png Anrcho nazi - Incredibly based, but unfortunately you reject capitalism.
    • Cball-British India.png Orwellism - Good writer, but libertarian socialism isn't for me.
    • Christy.png Christian Theocracy - I'm am a Christian, but I am not a theocrat.


    • Soc.png Socialism - You... you are the bane of my existence.
    • Statesoc.png State Socialism - Statist and socialist.
    • Demsocstar.png Democratic Socialism - Still pretty Bolshevik-y to me.
    • Ormarxf.png Marxism - No. You do not deserve free shit just for existing.
    • Synd.png Syndicalism - The factories rightfully belong to the fat cats! FIRED!
    • Marketsoc.png Market Socialism - Markets are cringe without the capitalism.
    • Mutualist.png Mutualism - Same with you, mutualcuck. Private property isn't theft.
    • Ancom.png Anarcho-Communism - Just a bunch of ultra-LARPers who want to destroy everything good because it's "oppressive" to them.
    • Georgist.png Georgism - You want to not only make all land public, but then also TAX it!
    • Prog.png Progressivism - The ideals you advocate are totally cringe. You call this "progress"!
    • Regulationism.png Regulationist Capitalism - You take away the good fun in capitalism.
    • Welf.png Welfarism - Welfare exists for two types of people: the weak, and parasites.
    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - You say capitalism is good as long as it can be reformed to make sure those at the top are liable to support the unfortunate in society, and I say please shut the fuck up.
    • Abort.png Abortionism - Hey look, they made an ideology for the whores.
    • Necon.png Neoconservatism - You restrict freedom and send us into pointless wars, and for what? The sake of foreign and global interests.
    • Neobert.png Neo-Libertarianism - Libertarianism in one nation or gtfo.
    • ReactCosmo.png Reactionary Cosmopolitanism - What, no! This is so flawed!
    • SJW.png SJW - TRANS RAUS!
    • SocCred.png Social Credit - I'm going to loose a lot of social credit for this...
    • Corptism.png Corporatism - Companies should stay privately run and owned.
    • Fash.png Fascism - I really dislike the collective focus/status quo you set for nationalism in the eyes of most. This is just not a great system anyways unless you're an excessive control freak.
    • Esofash.png Esoteric Fascism - This guy is very very cringe. And smelly.
    • PagTheo.png Pagan Theocracy - Cringe religion is even more cringe as a theocracy.
    • Muslim 2.png Islamic Theocracy - Incompatible with the West.
    • Native.png Indigenism - Manifest Destiny go BRRRRRRRR (yes, I used the brrrrr meme and I might always hate myself for doing it)
    • Anpostleft.png Post-Left Anarchism - You always speak of individualism, but completely reject individual responsibly. Perhaps you stop reading theory and get a job.
    • Egoism.png Egoism - "Spook this, spook that." Don't you have a child to be molesting right about now.
    • Falgsc.png FALGSC - My most terrible competitor in the space colonization quest.
    • Xenofeminism.png Xenofeminism - Nonbinaries talking about how abolishing gender will advance the human race somehow, when the #1 argument against that is themselves.
    • Anqueer.png Queer Anarchism - 99.99% of people who consider themselves this aren't really anarchist, but rather cry-bullies with a trap porn addiction who think they're a revolutionary because that.
    • Joeybuster.png Joeybusterism - My mirror opposite... so horribly unbased.
    • Antiflop.png Anti-JoeyFloppaism - Even more of a mirror opposite. Even more unbased. Plus some of the stuff you say is downright confusing.
    • Joeycringeicon.png JoeyCringeism - An entire self-insert dedicated to hating me? This is actually hilarious.
    • Pinksta.png Pink Stalinism - You somehow made Stalin.png Stalinism even worse.
    • Satan.png Satanic Theocracy - I HATE THE ANTICHRIST!!!!!
    • Gendron.png Gendronism - Damn bro, did Twinkle Toes by Sketchers sponsor you to do this, 'cause you sparkle and you

    If a user's self-insert ideology is added to the list it will be judged objectively via the point assigner below. Depending on if a user's ideology is cringe or based, they will receive a certain amount of points from 6 different category rankings. They may also receive or lose a maximum of 7 points depending other factors (how cool/annoying they're, if they're friends or enemies with Joey, other ideological factors that the 6 categories don't account for, etc.)
    The DozenValues values are used as the bulk of what goes into the point system, however this doesn't mean that a user must share their DozenValues results to be able to be graded.

    DvCommunist2.pngDvSocialist2.pngDvCollective2.pngDvSyncretic2.pngDvIndividual2.pngDvPrivate2.pngDvPropertarian2.png~~~~~~~~~~~~DvPlanned2.pngDvDirected2.pngDvRegulated2.pngDvIntervening2.pngDvPermissive2.pngDvFree Market2.pngDvLaissez Faire2.png
    +0 +1 +2 +4 +8 +10 +12~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+0 +1 +2 +4 +8 +10 +12

    +0 +1 +4 +7 +10 +10 +4~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+4 +6 +10 +6 +4 +2 +0

    World Federalism2.pngWorld.pngIntrnat.pngPatriot.pngNation.pngJingoism.pngUltranat.png~~~~~~~~~~~~DvAntiquated2.pngDvTraditional2.pngDvConservative2.pngDvConventional2.pngDvNeoteric2.pngDvProgressive2.pngDvFuturistic2.png
    +0 +2 +4 +7 +10 +7 +6~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+6 +8 +10 +7 +4 +2 +0

    Hib.pngEpicball icon.pngDemarchy.pngFloppa.pngDemarchy.pngEpicball icon.pngHib.png
    MIN: -7 MAX: +7

    Epic3d.png S (60+)

    • Neoafun.png Neo-Afunhumaninterism (71 pts) - One can hardly bring up JoeyFloppa without mentioning AngrybirdSTD.
    • Afun.png Afunhumaninterism (68 pts) - Same guy as above, a faithful worshipper mega-fan of me from the early days.
    • ONL.png One Nation Libertarianism (67 pts) - Pretty cool guy. Best of luck to Poland.
    • METBOL.png Metbolism (62 pts) - My more authoritarian (mostly, kinda, sorta) counterpart in arms.
    • Sbolt.png Sbolt-ism (60 pts) - Partners in gaming.

    Gamer.png A (49-59)

    • Milky.png Dylanism (59 pts) - Pretty cool guy. We have a lot of the same views, although he has since become slightly more progressive.
    • Gabduff-icon.png Gabrialduffeyism (59 pts) - An friends from Fandom's PCBA. Part of the Big 4. I wonder where he's gone too.
    • Jd2824.png Jd2842ism (57 pts) - One Struggle against wokeness.
    • Typicalfan2.png TypicalFan1 Thought (57 pts) - The Mexicoconut nut is a great big nut. If you eat too much you get very fat. But this delicious nut is not a nut. It's a TypicalFan1. (I didn't really have anything noteworthy to say here)
    • EthicDarwin.png Ethical Darwinism (56 pts) - Seems like an interesting guy with certainly an interesting ideology. I only had like 1 very short exchange with on Discord though.
    • Eyznatlib.png Eyzkaism (56 pts) - Another enlightened disciple of mine.
    • SomeCrusader.png SomeCrusaderism (55 pts) - I like your Christian values, albeit your much moar mainstream than I.
    • Xirlan.png Xirlan Thought (55 pts) - Sort of like Metbol, except monarchist and French. And I dig that.
    • Lpyapersonicon.png Lpyapersonism (53 pts)- Thanks for those fan arts which are mostly all gone now after the purge. You were a smooth brain some of the time
    • Ronwelltarianism icon.png Ronwelltarianism (50 pts) - I agree with you on most major things, but childism, social welfare and conspiracy theories aren't that.

    Sogga.png B (38-48)

    • TDRH.png TDRHism (48 pts) - Has a lot of moderate positions, but alright.
    • Valentine.png Neovalentinism (44 pts) - Anti-Anarcuck Gang. Thanks for your assistance against the PCB-Joeybuster.png Joeybusters.
    • PCB-Nazcaptransh.png Heinrich-Cheungism (43 pts) - I think you have a few quirky views, but is a good fwen. Also likes libertarianism even though he's a totalitarian.
    • Greenminpcb.png Green Minarchism (42 pts) - We both agree on capitalism and understand the importance of keeping the state minimal. Other than that you're a hippie.
    • Jedpill.png Jed-Pilled Thought (38 pts) - You're sure based and jedpilled. It's too bad you can't see the benefits of capitalism.

    Centrist-yellow.png C (27-37)

    • Lex.png Anarcho-Crypto-Capitalism (37 pts) - You're alright in some regards, but you're such a Noveltist!
    • Admiralism Icon.png Admiralism (35 pts) - Has positions that fancy more or less than others. However even when he does say something agreeable I often find it to be compromised with populist rehortic.
    • Sajicon.png SajZeal Model (33 pts) - During the PCBA Civil War you were a a great buffer between the main sides. Plus I do respect your occasional trolling.
    • Gnosticesofash.png Hydra'ism (33 pts) - You hate progressivism, but only to replace it with something equally fake and gay, except with a small helping of every single conspiracy theory that ever existed added to it.
    • Untitled - 2021-06-19T212223.533.png Conseilism (32 pts) - Proof that culturally right left-anarchists are/can be just as annoying and f#ggoty as progressive ones.
    • Neooverbf.png Neo-Overbism (31 pts) - I don't like ancoms and historically we were rivals, but I'll admit your radical cultural shift was something entirely unexpected.
    • EdPatrumismicon.png EdPatrumism (31 pts) - Anarchy isn't great, but neither is totalitarianism.
    • Aaron.png Aaronism (28 pts) - This is just plain hedonism.
    • (28 pts) - Regulatory hell which wants to be like China.

    Joeycringeicon.png D (16-26)

    • Nourishism.png Caressism (26 pts) - You are no doubt an excellent community organizer, but ideologically... pretty cringe bro. You really expect the government to look after your interests and find you happiness?
    • Iuan.png Liuanism (23 pts) - You take the political compass test once, score slightly into the libleft, and now I'm worst thing in existence apparently.
    • Vermaatism2.png Vermaatism (21 pts) - Cringe + bluepilled + Quark clone + "based & schizo" + transhumanist slavery + will probably change ideologies in a week.
    • Whiteanprim.png Wallism (21 pts) - Don't do drugs kids.
    • Technototball.png Techno-Ultranationalism (18 pts) - In some ways we have a bit in common, personally anyways, but ultimately this ideology wouldn't be very good to live under.

    Antiflop.png E (5-15)

    • Analtru.png Anarcho-Altruism (14 pts) - Horrifying crap. Contrary to what it states is not that wholesome at all. And stop telling people to recieve therapy; it's absurdly hypocritical.
    • Potashism.png Potashism (7 pts) - Smooth brain.png
    • Oofitism.png Oofitism (6 pts) - Utterly, terminally cringe. At least you could be truly funny if you tried.
    • Airisu.png Airisuism (5 pts) - Is this a political ideology or a creepy sex fantasy?
    • Neoairisu.png Neo-Airisuism (5 pts) - Why did I write that ED article? 'Cause you're annoying. Jeez, how much more justification do I need?
    • Kirakween.png Kira Kween Thought (5 pts) - Degenerate tailraiser!

    Omnipoop.png F (4 or less)

    • Councilguy2.png Post-Councilism (4 pts) - Post-left ego-pink libertarian socialism? Gee, that sure is one long way of saying loser.
    • Synthesisanarchy.png Pan-Left Anarchism (3 pts) - Again, do not do drugs kids.
    • Anti-Deathism-icon.png Anti-Deathism (1 pts) - I know, death is scary, but I hope this dies. Perishes. Commits suicide even.
    • Kamyarism.png Kamyarism (-1 pts) - The seemingly endless hordes of anarcho-commies are nothing to be desired, but this is even worse. This comes extremely close to an absolute opposite of myself.

    List of JoeyFloppaist-inspired ideologies (A-Z)

    Pre-PBCA termination

    Ideological variations

    Self-Insert variations

    Other variations or entities

    Mirahezean PCBA Era



    For comments and discussion about JoeyFloppaism, post it here for now on.


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