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    Credit for art: RangerAlaois#3968 on discord


    Jimmyism is a 2 phase ideology that promotes the 5 core tenets of Jimmyism, listed fully in the relationship section. It wants to have a very competitive market FileMarkets.png ultimately leading a metaverse utopia.

    Phase 1

    Phase 1 Economics

    To prioritize accelerationist FileRightac.png economic growth a distributist economy will create maximum competition which inevitably leads to more advancement. Companies that make critical advancements in creating the metaverse will collect government funding. The global economy will mostly be welcomed with open arms, because not only will that put more coemption on local bossiness's and advancements from other nations will be able to be built upon by the nation's minds. Global conglomerates will be strictly limited through, since they massively bottleneck advancement.

    Phase 1 Civics

    Economist technocrats will handle insurance of economic growth. It adjusts the culture to softly transition into the anarchist meta verse society.

    Phase 1 Society

    In phase 1 its important to preserve the future, so a temporary focus on the environment will be instated, being dropped after the end of phase 1.

    Phase 2

    Once technology is advanced enough to be able to cater to our every need automatically, we will all plug into the meta verse. It will be a creative utopia and you could create films and songs quickly. This will create plenty to watch for non-creatives. The meta verse will be fully immersive, including realistic inter course simulation, pain will be a thing of the past. Most importantly, immortality will be achieved, its essentially heaven on earth. If anyone ever gets tired of the constant pleasure they can opt out of it via death whenever the individual pleases.

    Phase 1 to 2 transitional period

    Once the “MetaPods” are launched by the victorious company the rights of the invention will be (forcefully) handed to the government in exchange for fame and glory and digital statues built in your CEO’s and engineers names. Globalism would have to be ensured before plugging into the metaverse, this will be achieved peacefully. Hopefully through a mutual agreement to plug all citizens into the metaverse.

    Phase 2 Economics

    Since all needs are taken care of a mainly communist economy will be put in place. Capitalists zones can be privately implemented as the individual wishes.

    Phase 2 Civics

    The individual will have complete digital freedom in a system comparable to soulism. It’s anarchy without the deathly effects of anarchy.

    General Notes

    • Completely secular, as the abolition of death with render religion useless.
    • Neither progressive or conservative, identity politics is a distraction. Due to the hardline focus on science, transmedical ideology would be implemented in phase 1.


    The 5 Core tenets of Jimmiyism

    • Technocracy, Technocrats will know how the accelerate the economy!
    • Distributism You must keep the economy competitive
    • Transhumanism Technology can do few things wrong
    • Utilitarianism No Pain, all gain.
    • Accelerationism To succeed is to not look back

    Other Friends

    • Capitalist Communism You will work great in the metaverse!


    • Utopian Socialism Though you are the end goal you really can’t be achieved without a free market
    • Capitalism I like all the free market stuff, right now you are mainly promoting monopolies though.


    • Pretty much any Communist ideology, learn basic economics
    • Anarcho-Primitivism So you want to live a miserable life where you are constantly hungry, thirsty and tired? Your loss.
    • Kakistocracy Only a middle schooler would unironically believe this


    Phase 1 alignments

    Phase 2 alignments


    Very WIP, but I am working on it. I will finish in the evening.

    Political Tests

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