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    Jimmmmmmyism is an ideology created by professional discord user and sex haver, jimmmmmmy. Jimmmmmmyism has no real political beliefs other than the fact that he adamantly supports “liberal” politicians, cause he believes they’re actually undercover marxist revolutionaries.

    He believes that in order to achieve true communism, a secret group of hardcore leftists must run for various positions in the U.S. government, LARPing as the most generic neoliberal establishment democrats, to ensure they get elected. Once elected, they will drop the facade, and form the basis of the revolutionary vanguard party. He argues that presidents like Obama, Reagan and Trump were actually just trying to be as bad as possible in order to make the populace more class conscious.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Jimmmmmmyism
    1. Draw a ball with eyes
    2. Fill the ball with blue #0B00F2
    3. Add a hammer and sickle #141414
    4. Draw a hat featuring the Biden logo
    5. Draw eyes, and you’re done!



    • Joe Biden - You will lead us to revolution!!!
    • Obama - Your attempts at radicalizing the youth were very successful.
    • Donald Trump - No one understands that it was all for accelerationism.


    • Democratic Socialism - Participating in bourgeois elections will bring about socialism, maybe not the way you think though...
    • Social Democracy - bernie killed luxemburg isn’t a funny meme but i love how mad it makes you.


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    - Add me to relations lol
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