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    Jihadist Democracy is a ideology in which Shira Law, A Caliphate and Democracy can work together to their goal of recreating The Islamic Dream but with Democratic help well it has been used by The Ottoman Caliphate when there is The Turkish Jihad Uprising in 2022 that disbanded The Republic Of Turkey to create this thing well the head of The Ottoman Caliphate is a Caliph called Adem Burakgazi who uses political parties like called Al-Turko and Black Islama to elected a Prime Minister to mostly do the work of the nation.

    But this nation called The Ottoman Calipahte, Adem Burakgazi, Al-Turko, Black Islama and The Turkish Jihad Uprising only existed in Loomy Tyranny's universe but his Deviantart was deleted after Loomy was killed by a American Hero.

    Today in the year 2021 a Islamic Jihadist group called The Taliban took control of Afghanistan and maybe want democracy to be better when they are in charge





    • Putinism - Christian Man you have ruined Democracy for the people of Russia even they are Muslims who goes against your Orthodox Dongs and Chechnya was a free nation before you accept the fact that this location belongs to Russia.
    • Zyu.png Zyuganovism - Please do not invade Afghanistan again.
    • https://polcompball.miraheze.org/wiki/Jewish_Theocracy - I told you Theocracies does not work but I wanted Afghanistan and Palestine to be Theocratical Democracies.
    • Labzion.png Labour Zionism - I Remove You Pimple Thing.
    • Zionist Fascism - Oh god I feel bad for Islamo Fascism.
    • Ingjew - If this exists so that means I pooped my pants (No Offensive To Everybody).
    • State Atheism - You are a mean nerd who insalts people with their beliefs well it just like Ice Cream.

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