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    "You are very familiar with western ways, but you are too young. You go everywhere to follow the big news, but the questions you ask are too simple — sometimes naïve"

    The important thought of Three Represents, also known as Jiangism, is the ideology of the 4th chairman of People's Republic of China, Jiang Zemin (Jiang Zemin). It is an Authoritarian unity (leaning authoritarian right), culturally center ideology. The most well known thing about this ideology is the widespread meme in the mainland China. It is the composition of Dengism, Kleptocracy (for the high corruption rate under his period and the formation of the 10 CCP kleptocratic cliques) and Ironically, Zoocracy (the 膜蛤文化 (literally "Toad worship")).


    In 1997, after the death of Deng Xiaoping, and the resignation of former Premier Li Peng, President Jiang Zemin was persuaded by the new Premier Zhu Rongji to change his stance on free-market capitalism and improve relations with the west. Between 1998 and 2003 the Jiang-Zhu Administration sold off and privatized the majority of China's 13,000 large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, except for a few large monopolies such as the energy sector and natural resources. During the same period, the Jiang-Zhu Administration also reduced tariffs, trade barriers, and regulations; reformed the banking system; dismantled much of the Mao-era social welfare system; reduced inflation; and joined the World Trade Organization.

    Many big private Chinese corporations were founded and entered the world stage throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s, during Jiang Zemin's reign. Among those include Alibaba Group, founded by Jack Ma in 1999, which specializes in e-commerce, retail, Internet, and technology. Tencent is the world's largest video game vendor, and among the largest social media, venture capital, and investment corporations. Geely is a multinational automotive company headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. is a multinational technology corporation headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, and by 2021 is ranked the second-largest R&D investor in the world. Thousands of private schools and hospitals also appeared throughout the country during this time.

    Foreign companies were also encouraged to invest in the Chinese market and were free to exploit their Chinese employees as they pleased. Foxconn, a Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturer, founded by billionaire and Kuomintang member Terry Gou has come under heavy scrutiny for the infamous "Foxconn suicides" in Shenzhen caused by the company's poor treatment and abuse of their employees. The economic "reforms" championed by the Jiang Zemin-Zhu Rongji Administration earned the CPC the support of most major western corporations and CEOS such as Bill Gates ( Microsoft), Elon Musk (Tesla), Rupert Murdoch, Michael Bloomberg, among others, who would help the CPC with establishing giant networks of mass-surveillance and propaganda.

    While Jiang Zemin's and Zhu Rongji's market-liberal reforms lead to spectacular economic growth and asserted China's standing on the world stage, they did not lead to increased political freedoms or an end to the epidemic of corruption and nepotism that had plagued the country for generations.

    Bribing local officials became an essential part of life for most Chinese citizens to get by and gain access to social services. Entire cities fell under the control of triads and the mafia with government protection. Human trafficking skyrocketed with hundreds of thousands of women and children being kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery and forced labor within China and abroad. People's money and state assets were embezzled by government officials and the business elite and stacked into overseas bank accounts. The staggering levels of corruption caused most Chinese citizens (and many CPC officials) to lose faith in the Chinese government, causing many to send their kids to study and make connections abroad, should things not work out at home.

    In 1998, the Communist Party of China feared that the China Democracy Party (CDP) would lead to increased dissent among the Chinese population which would once again challenge the one-party rule. The CDP was immediately banned, followed by arrests and imprisonment. That same year, the Great Fire Wall project was started to control the flow of information on the internet which had arrived in China four years earlier. Fang Binxing, former Principal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications has been dubbed the "Father of China's Great Fire Wall."

    Former President Jiang Zemin managed to maintain great influence following his retirement in 2004, through the persecution of Falun Gong and by stacking the new Administration of President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao with his own cronies, ensuring that both the military, law enforcement, propaganda apparatus, and many local officials remained loyal to himself. While the 2000s saw China experiencing every level of economic growth due to international corporations seeking to exploit China's massive labor market, citizens' faith in the CPC's rule remained low due lack of judicial and political reform. Anti-corruption trials happened from time to time but were more often than not motivated by personal grudges and power struggles between different factions of the CPC than aspirations for real change. Dissatisfaction with corruption and authoritarianism culminated following the government's weak response to the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, eventually leading to the 2011 Chinese democracy protests, inspired by the Arab Spring.

    After Xi Jinping became Paramount Leader in 2012, the issue of corruption has been brought to significant attention as hundreds and thousands of corrupt party members and billionaires, many of whom had been Jiang's allies, have been arrested and sentenced to life in prison. This includes former Secretary of the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission, Zhou Yongkang, former Communist Party Secretary of Chongqing, Bo Xilai, Wu Xiaohui, among countless others. Some of Xi's political enemies have even gone into exile in the west, such as billionaire businessman Guo Wengui.


    Jiang Zemin made a new theory called the "Three Represents" which developed a theory based on people and party relationship stating 1. Representing the development trend of China’s advanced productive forces. 2. Representing the orientation of China's advanced culture. 3. Representing the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the Chinese people.

    This was to turn the Communist Party of China into a "all people's party" instead of representing a certain class. Essentially turning the party into a more corporatist or even authoritarian capitalist party, which means the CCP under Jiang was moving towards a neo-authoritarian path with social authoritarian economic elements with less emphasis on class struggles.

    Jiangism argues that attaining a communist means of production is more complex than they realize so including capitalists into the CPC which Jiangism calls it the "new social strata" as a key point for building Socialism with Chinese Characteristics.

    How to draw

    Ball form

    1. Draw a Dengism Ball
    2. Draw the hat of Kleptocracy over him
    3. Draw the glasses of Kira Kweenism
    4. (Optional) Draw it like Froggerist Thought
    5. Prolong 1 second to this ball
    6. You are done!



    • Kleptocracy - Yeah... More money for the party officials and my cronies! (However, the military cannot trade tho)
    • Dengism - Ok, Deng, I am still inheriting your heritences. But even you are not reformist enough for me. Creating political families, the deep state, and crony capitalists and corporations to exploit the people are mega-based though!
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - The market shall be expanded under my dictatorial regime.
    • Corporatocracy - I want to sincerely thank Cisco, Microsoft, and all other mega-corporations who helped me set up the Great Firewall and the crackdown on dissent.
    • Police Statism - Creating 610 Office to crush dissent was a great idea. Prison and Private Security Industrial Complex went brrrrrr under my watch.
    • Plutocracy - Billionaires such as Jack Ma and Wang Jianlin are now allowed to become Party members thanks to me.
    • Oligarchy - Unlike Xi, I'm not interested in ruling alone like some autocrat but willing to share power with equal-minded people such as Jack Ma and Zhou Yongkang.
    • Machiavellianism - Maybe it's time to drop the "communist" label. I just want to make money and stay in power until I die after all.
    • Yeltsinism - Russian friend. We solved our border dispute and I supported your invasion of Chechnya on the ground of combating Islamic extremism.
    • Putinism - Another Russian friend. We used to be very similar
    • Milosevicism - Serbian friend who bravely stood up to NATO.
    • Đổi Mới - I improved relations with Vietnam after Deng's war with you ended. Now China is Vietnam's largest trade partner. Also, Nguyễn Tấn Dũng seems to have been directly inspired by me.


    • Market Socialism - What I claim to be. Big international corporations are a necessary component in building socialism and transitioning to communism.
    • Li Peng Thought - Nice job crushing those foreign agents in 1989. However, your support for economic autarky was very cringe and outdated. Luckily, Zhu Rongji convinced me that market liberalization is needed to secure support from the western elites.
    • Neoliberalism - I was skeptical about you at first but Zhu Rongji and Cai Xia later convinced me to embrace you. I didn't privatize natural resources or accept IMF structural adjustment programs tho.
    • Clintonism - I won't forgive you for bombing the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, 1999 but thanks for letting China into the WTO.
    • George W. Bushism - Neocuck imperialist who was prepared for conflict with China. However, we cooperated during the War on Terror against the East Turkestan Islamic Party. Still preferred your father.
    • Scientific Outlook on Development - Your administration must continue my legacies. I could remove you from power if you don’t all I want anyway HA HA HA!
    • Bo Xilai Thought - Despite your "Neo-Maoist" nonsense, you were my preferred "candidate" for succeeding Hu Jintao as Paramount Leader but Xi tricked me into betraying you after the Wang Lijun Incident.


    • Falun Gong Theocracy - You're a threat to Marxist communism and private enterprise, hence why I banned you. I enjoyed throwing you in Laojiao camps and selling your organs to the highest bidders.
    • Maoism - One can imagine how Mao would've reacted had he lived to see how China turned out under my rule.
    • Chinese New Left - Ungrateful university students calling me a nation traitor for improving relations with the west making China part of the global capitalist system. When you grow up you’ll realize the sacrifices I made to make China the largest economy on earth. Some people just had to become richer before others. At least we both supported Bo Xilai
    • Liu Xiaobo Thought - I had you arrested three times. But he like my economic and foreign policy and regard me as a lesser evil compared to Hu and Xi
    • Hong Kong Journalists - Too young, too simple. Sometimes naive! 識得唔識得?
    • Jihadism - Screw you for infiltrating Xinjiang and radicalizing China's Uyghur Muslim population. Zeydin Yusup, the founder ETIP got he deserved.
    • Xi Jinping Thought - Enabling your rise to power was a big mistake. You're destroying everything I built.
    • Wang Jingwei Thought - Just because I grew up under your rule doesn't make a Japanese collaborator.
    • Fourth Theory - What is this garbage excuse of an ideology?

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